Fallout FanonEdit

Long ago, within the barren wastelands of forgotten and abandoned wiki's, there was one that thrived amongst the graveyard of shattered hopes, it's admins, feeding of the corpses of the long dead, and there servants, picking off whatever scraps were left, useing the husks of information to create boring and uncreative pages.

Although isolated from the rest of the wiki community, Tranquility lane's admins continued to goad in unfortunates who were foolish enough to stuble upon there false advertising of a fanon fallout wiki, devoured from the inside out, sucking out whatever creativity that was blooming inside the soul of it's newest member, leaving them nought but ghouls, devouring scaps from there new masters left-overs. Eventually, over-time the swell of members grew, drawing in yet more unfortunates whom of which were arrogant of the doom that befell those who joined in the Admins corrupt embrace, unwillingly aiding in the Wiki's rise to power of which there creativity became it's life blood. Growing unaware, other Wikis too embroiled within there own articles and conversations took no note of the growing darkness amongst the graveyard of long dead wikis, seeing nothing but a desperate admin who longed to raise a husk from the dark depths of eternity, which in there own minds, was a nere pointless effort.

Then, amongst the broken and damned depths of despair, arose a wiki of polished white, it's surface gleaming with rejuvenation and it's vains pumped with the golden lifeforce of pure creation. other wikis regarded this apparently new fanon wiki with respect, for it showed the signs of professionalism and great promise, members were attracted like flies to a lamp, the new wiki swelling in size with each new member added, growing untill it punctured through the surface of lesser wikis and up, amongst the heavens with wiki's whom of which sat amongst the radiant light of the ruler that gazed upon all, wikipedia.


Little of the wikis took notice of this new arrival, instead looking upon there own creations and devices, unaware of the pile of crap in there midst.

Fore months, nothing changed. Wikis drew in more members, including tranquility lane and more articles were created. within the passage of time, unoticed, Tranquility lane schemed and made work of a plan that would soon see it atop the throne of power that now rested holy Wikipedia.