Jericho is a peculiar peacekeeping man who wanders the wastelands. He must've drank too much radiated water or something, because he has a secret he keeps from everyone. He has two identities. Not an alter-ego, but two real identities, with their own personalities. One personality is completely fun loving and caring, while the other is cold and calculating.


Jericho is usually very easygoing. However, his other personality is not. It is extremely uptight, and puts a knife to a mans throat for even thinking about insulting him.

The two personalities do share certain traits. For example, both are extremely intelligent, and are capable of creating weapons out of scraps.


Jericho has many weapons that he's created over the years

  • Knife on a stick: The first weapon Jericho ever made.
  • Rock Shooter: Uses hydraulic pumps to shoot rocks at high speeds, capable of punching into steel. It once shot a rock far into a supermutants skull.
  • Laser pistol (heavily modified): Jericho modified a laser pistol so it shoots a beam as thick as an arm, and can shoot through two supermutants before dying out.