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Grim Doris
The Enemy within


Unknown Sometime during the Great Crusade


Terra or Armageddon


Grim Doris (Unknown if real name), Wanderer (Others), Daemon (Inquisition), Heretic (Ecclesiarchy) Wanderer (Eldar) His Spawn (Chaos), Great Prophet (Tau)


Human, Perpetual


Humanity, Imperium, Eldar and various others, Wandering Shadow






Craftworld Relaci, Rogue Trader Velisa Yulis, Overlord IronBreaker (Business only), His brothers, Space Marine warband Shadow Claws, several weak navigator houses, members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Eldar Pirate Ularis, Kaaalok and Rafrak


Wandering Shadow

Grim Doris is an Inquisitor of the Imperium of Man. The Ordo he is part of is the Ordo Malleus though he sometimes works with the Ordo Xenos. He is known to be an expert in all subjects as well as a loner and hardly works with everyone and barely calls for aid due to his powerful psychic abilities. This is because of his secret: He is a Perpetual, beings that are capable of reincarnation and thus are considered immortal, just like the Emperor of Mankind. After seeing how far the Imperium has fallen since the ending of the Horus Heresy, Grim now desires to destroy both the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy and bring forth a new Golden Age of Man. He is also the leader of the hidden large group known as the Wandering Shadow, followers who serve him. He is one of the few beings who is allowed special access into the Black Library due to his relationship with the Harlequins, which he uses the knowledge in the Library against both Chaos and the Illuminati. He also searches for the Stones of the Gods, ancient artifacts that were kept and scattered by a mysterious (and presumed ancient) being called the Traveler.


Origin (Late M29- EarlyM31)Edit

"How much I wish to walk besides you..."
—Grim, on reflection, as he watched the Emperor pass by

Grim's planet of birth is unknown, some believe it was Terra and others believe Armageddon. What is known was that he was born During the Great Crusade. When he learned of his relation with the Emperor, it created a sense of longing for him to simply stand next to him and have his father recognize him.

It also created a sense of jealousy in him towards the Primarch. He thought it was cruel that the fates allow them, engineered created beings, to stand by the Emperor during the Great Crusade. He sensed that they would be the downfall of everything they that the Emperor strived to create. And he was right.

Horus Heresy Siege of Terra and Aftermath (Early M31)Edit

"I knew it. I knew it and I had done nothing."
—Grim after he discovered Horus's betrayal.

Grim cursed all the Primarchs, even the loyal ones, for the Horus Heresy, but calmed himself to better prepare for the attack on Terra.

When the attack came, Grim defended the under hives of the planet, evacuating civilians to more secure places. He then followed a guardsmen squad led by Ollanius Pius, towards the Imperial Palace, and began hacking away through daemons. He said that he fought against Angron and survived, but received the scar he has now.

After hearing of what became of the Emperor after his battle with Horus, Grim left Terra, with a few followers and went to go to worlds to convince them to come back to the Imperium. This would severe him from the events on Terra during the Great Scouring.

Discovery and Hatred (Late M31)Edit

"After 200 years of his work of ridding mankind of superstition and creating the Imperial Truth; they shame his memory with this!?"
—Grim upon discovering the Imperial Cult.

While far away from Terra, nearly 2 centuries, Grim scoured the galaxy, searching for planets separated from the Imperium, convincing human populations to rejoin it, stating that it will be prosperous and united towards the goal of liberating mankind.

But when he decided to return Terra, he found it striving again, but not as he had hoped. Everywhere there were churches, dedicated to the Emperor, people worshipping as a God. And the Primarchs were gone, unable to lead the people towards the Emperor's goal.

Grim almost went mad because of this. Had everything the Emperor created been destroyed by superstition and fake religion. He was also angry at the loyalist space marines. Though they stayed by the Emperor's side during the Horus Heresy, and Guilliman had done what was necessary when laying down the Codex Astartes, forming so many new chapters so quickly created different thinking, rivalry, discrimination, and allowed the marines to be engulf into this Imperial Cult.

So enrage was he that he had his followers attack a ship carrying many members of the Ecclesiarchy, hoping to somewhat stop this religion from spreading. But his efforts only increased their faith as the survivors were found and praised it was the Emperor's will that saved them.

Defeated and sorrow, Grim took his followers to parts unknown, swearing to one day destroy this religion and bring humanity back into the light and from destroying each other.

Travels (Late M31)Edit

"I leave this so that I may remember what I have done, will do, where I've been, what I've seen and more importantly, why I must go on."
—Grim writing his first entry in his journal

Grim left the Imperium with his followers, who were named the Wandering Shadows. His followers, over those few years, consisted of aliens, humans, eldar, a few orks, mutants abhumans and subhumans.

Grim than began to search for ways of destroying Chaos and turning the Imperium away from its fake religion. As he moved he began to receive titles, those of heroism and those of contempt. But his main name was the "Wanderer". But over time his view on things began to change as he discovered new places, new ways of live, new beings and more importantly, new gods.

The Star Child (Early M32)Edit

"I see now, I see that you never died. You protected me from those who turned others against you. Those who worship as you once were are fools and blind. I see you as you are now and what now wish for. And I swear it shall be done."
—Grim's new revelation upon discovering the existence and origin of the Star Child.

During the early times of Grim's travels, he began to have dreams and visions of an entity calling him. At first he felt like the Chaos Gods were trying to corrupt him, but that image soon faded away. He started trying to discover this being and quickly he found out.

He discovered that in the Warp rested a new being called the Star Child. Through that, Grim learned that he could use something called apotheosis allowing him to vanish into the warp and becoming one with the Star Child. When he first did it, he learned so much more.

Grim learned that he was invisible to all psykers, even the Emperor. He was also invisible to the Chaos Gods and could even draw large amounts of psychic powers without attracting daemons. From that he learned there were more beings like him, other born sons of the Emperor, his brothers.

But what he found out lastly astounded him beyond belief and changed his life forever. The Star Child was actually the soul of the Emperor, and through that he learned of the Emperor's birth through the Shamans and when the Emperor dies the Star Child will battle against Chaos one last time.

With that revelation in him, Grim swore he would be there as well as forge an empire in his new god's image.

New Quest Edit

"How can you determine who is evil and who is good. Those who have selfless love for their own can be taught to love others as well. Those who do not have fallen and therefore must not evolve but disappear from existence."
—Grim and his new theory of how the Galaxy and its beings think and how they can be changed.

After his discovery of the Star Child and from what he had learned, Grim then came to a different view of the galaxy. He now desires to destroy both the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy, ridding mankind of the foolish Imperial Cult and one day reviving his father to bring forth a new Golden Age of Man.

However he knew that would take time and such a goal would require allies from different races, something that Grim did not seem to mind. Unlike his father, he realized that not all xenos were evil, just merely beings who had their own beliefs and goals. If he could find allies amongst them and humans, it would greatly help Grim with his plan

But races, such as the Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marines and many others who enjoy killing other beings and even their own, do not deserve this chance. They have become to twisted and must be destroyed. And so Grim set out to do this task, with ideas constantly forming in his mind.

Confrontations and New Ally (Mid M32)Edit

"This is where I draw the line. One thing I cannot stand is people who can be allies fighting each other. The other is abuse of your own allies."
—Grim as he watched an inquisitor hurt Ces-ik.

Grim's first contact with an Inquisitor would be during the late M32. He had traveled to the planet called FlameSin, to help a revolt against the governor for his harsh punishments and lack of supplies towards the lower levels. With his followers, Grim had managed to supply the people with weapons and support to fight against the PDF while at the same time, looking for a noble who supported the workers and civilians. Within only 2 months with small amount of bloodshed, the revolters prevailed. Grim managed to get a reliable nobleman to take the position as Governor and with the Adeptus Arbites coming in, things settled down.

But during the 1st month, the former governor had felt like something unnatural was involve and so sent a message to Terra. The High Lords did not take this as serious, believing the governor was doing it to save his own skin, but nevertheless an Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus went to check it out.

Believing it would serve the planet better by not remaining there, Grim lured the Inquisitor to FlameSin's far moon. While there, he watched the Inquisitor investigate abandon facilities with his retinue. He noticed, to his disgust, that the Inquisitor was verbally abusing the Lexmechanic, to the rest of the team's amusement.

When they separated, Grim confronted the Lexmechanic, who became frightened until Grim calmed him down and asked for his name.

The Lexmechanic said his name was Cel-ik. Most of his life he was with the Inquisitor retinue. The Inquisitor greatly hated the Mechanicus due to their non-human purity, but was force to have one as his team. During those times, Cel-ik was always abuse and sometimes psychically too. He would pray to machine god to give him strength, but had received none. This had turned him to a depress being with no hope.

Shock, moved and disgusted after hearing this, Grim offered Cel-ik to join him. While Cel-ik hesitated at the offer, they were found by the Inquisitor and the rest of his retinue, who deemed Grim a Daemon and Cel-ik a heretic and traitor.

But before he could do anything, Grim jumped forward and with lightning speed and fury, killed the Inquisitor and his team. Then he took Cel-ik, who had no choice now, back to his ship after raiding the one the Inquisitor came in.

From that day forward, Grim had Cel-ik by his side the whole time. Cel-ik was soon cured of his depression and happily served as Grim's companion and scribe while performing some of his old duties as a Lexmechanic too. He also formed a hatred towards the Inquisition, something they both had in common.

Ancient Survivor (Late M32)Edit

Grim next stop at the planet called Rafrak. Its people were human like, except 3 meters taller then the average human, horns and red skin. They had technology that was 400 years advance to the Imperium. They were also being attack by Dark Eldar raids.

The Sensei decided to stop these raids and so went to assist the populace, who welcomed his help greatly. During the 1st few weeks he managed to gather isolated cities together, kill many high rank Eldars, and free many slaves.

On the 2nd week though, Grim had asked about a forest that divided the Dark Eldar's main base from his forces.

The people had told him that no one ever goes in there because its where the Dark Eldar took captives and supposedly killed them. But the invaders never came out as well and any who go inside it don't reappear either.

Curious, Grim and Cel-ik went inside the forest to check it out. While walking through the forest they only found bodies of the Dark Eldar, literally ripped apart. But no sign of the people of Rafrak. Before he could continue any further, he and Cel-ik were attacked by a squad of Incubus. Grim had managed to kill off the majority of the squad. But more of them were coming and Grim had to protect himself and Cel-ik.

But all of a sudden, a million bullets came flying out of nowhere, slaughtering the remaining Eldar. Grim saw the shooter and was amazed.

The being was tall, wearing weird armor. In his right hand was an odd weapon, a gun by the looks of it. Grim tried probing the being's mind, but was repelled. The being told him that his kind's minds were protected from psychic attacks, which would explain his easy victories against the Dark Eldar.

The being said his name was Drakos, but did not reveal his species, only that he was the last of his kind. He had come to this planet million of years ago to hide from something. When the Dark Eldar came through here, he killed them and kept their captives with him.

Intrigued by this Grim managed to convince Drakos to help against the Dark Eldar. Drakos agreed due to the fact he seems to hold some sort of hatred towards him. He let the people he had saved go.

With the two, Grim's followers, and the Rafrak people, they defeated the Dark Eldar. After that Drakos joined Grim since he saw no need it stay on the planet.

The people of Rafrak were in debt to Grim and some joined Grim's followers.

The Warp's servants (Late M32- Early M33)Edit

After the events of Rafrak, Grim had discovered the presence of a Chaos Warband. While trailing them he came in contact with a very large force of Eldar Pirates. The leader, Ularis, had ordered his forces to attack Grim's followers but after a brief dual between him and the Sensei, finally calmed down.

Ularis explained that the chaos Warband, Emperor's Children, had stolen an important Eldar weapon, an advance and stronger version of the Warp Spiders teleportation device, with it they could slip through defenses, even psychic ones at a certain level, easily.

Hearing this, Grim had agreed to accompany them into retrieving the weapon. While pursing them Ularis came to respect Grim, especially seeing the many different races aboard his vessel. They soon came upon the warband who were just preparing to pillage another world. A battle in space ensued but Grim and Ularis managed to get onboard the Chaos marine ship and confront the Chaos lord. With their superior psychic powers, they killed the lord easily.

Grim had gotten the weapon and when he returned it to Ularis, the Eldar allowed Grim to keep it. He explained that 2 centuries ago, the chaos marines stole if from his forces so it wouldn't be safe with him. But he trusted Grim to watch over it and not misuse it.

Honored by this, Grim promised to make sure nothing would happen to it. It wouldn't be until sometime during 970.M41 when he would give it to the warband, the Shadow Claws.

Also Ularis told him of a strange being that was just like him at the south part of the Galaxy. Realizing that had to be one of his brothers, Grim decided to head out to investigate.

Adopting (M33)Edit

"She is the only one here, of course I'm going to take her in."
—Grim discussing about Sivia and taking her with him.

While traveling to southern part of the Galaxy, Grim and his forces discovered an alien station floating in orbit. It looked completely destroyed, but Grim could sense life in it. Deciding to investigate it, he took several armored aliens of his forces, along with Drakos and Cel-ik, and went aboard the station.

Everything was a wreck. Not just damage to the station, but there were bodies lying everywhere. Grim had noticed that only the clothes really remained and inside them was dust.

While his men were collecting anything valuable, Grim and Cel-ik were checking the station's memory bank. From what they gathered, this station carried pilgrims who had received a message for aid during their pilgrimage and went to assist. After that nothing. Grim could only assume that the message was a trap and whoever sent it was responsible for this slaughter.

While continue searching, Grim began to sense a life form again. As he and his forces reached the room where, they saw several odd creatures with four arms surrounding something. The creatures immediately sensed the newcomers and attacked them. But they were no match for the psychic powers of Grim and the Drakos's great strength. Soon the monsters laid dead beneath their feet.

Grim then discovered that they had surrounded a women, who's entire chest was destroyed, signaling she was dead. But underneath her something was moving.

It was a baby, a girl to be more precise, squirming around. Showing kindness, Grim Decided to adopt the girl and raise her. A name tag was around her arm, which said "Sivia". And so her name was Sivia Inquesto, the last name from the station's title.

Assassination (M33) Edit

Continuing his journey to the South while teaching his new step-daughter, who is in just 3 years has the form of a 12-year old (this put Grim to theorize that Sivia's people had quick growths) his ships began picking up transmission about a revolt. The world known as Atlantis, a world part of the Imperium had revolted against a Governor who had taken control of their factories, thus reducing payment for the workers, and denying the people to trade with other worlds for their benefit.

Unable to ignore such a thing, Grim yet again made a detour in his journey to assist the rebels. While he was there he noticed a presence of Chaos was here. Curious he decided to investigate further by infiltrating the governor's building.

During his time in there he ran into two Eldar Rangers. The more experience looking one said his name was Lutair and the other was his pupil Verz. The Eldars said they had detected Chaos activity here and came to exterminate it. They allowed Grim to accompany them on this mission.

The Chaos was soon discovered to be the governor and his advisors, who were part of cult to take control of the planet, separate it from the Imperium and turn it to the forces of Chaos.

A quick battle, involving Grim's followers against corrupted PDF and a summoned daemon, ended when Grim killed the governor and the advisors were sniped by the Eldars.

A few days later a new government was placed in and everything returned to normal. Grim offered Lutair and Verz to join him but they refused. They said they were use to being loners and also Lutair was looking for someone.

So Grim departed the world and continued his journey towards the South.

Craftworld Relaci (M34)Edit

"Fight on Eldar, show these beasts the fury that you've have kept within you for all these years!"
—Grim, Encouraging the Eldar on the Craftworld Relaci against the World Eaters.

About 8 years later while still heading to the South, Grim's forces were soon stopped by what appeared to be a chase in space. A Nightwing, an Eldar ship, was being pursued by several Hell Blades and a Infidel, ships of the Chaos Space marines. Grim decided to open fire on the forces of Chaos, forcing them into a retreat. He contacted the eldar pilot to come aboard, reassuring them that his forces were friendly.

The pilot revealed herself to be a Banshee named Halica from the Craftworld Relaci. The planet size ship was under attack by marines of the World Eater Legion. The Farseer and leader of the Craftworld, Lalu, was young and did not have much experience in battle. So Halica went to find aid.

Grim informed her she had found it and took his forces to Relaci. There he discovered the Warband bombarding the Craftworld. Using his psychic powers and regrouping the Eldar forces with his own, he managed to drive away the World Eaters but only temporary.

Grim landed on the Craftworld and demanded to see the Farseer. When Lalu explained that there wasn't enough time to prepare for another counter-attack, Grim suggested that they let the World Eaters come while they prepared a trap. Lalu said that her people did not have enough warriors or guardians, Eldar militia to pull off a trap. But Grim managed to inspire her and her people to make a stand, commenting that they managed to survive the Fall and now they'll survive this.

When the World Eaters did come, their lust for battle was not match for the combine coordination of the newly Eldar ambush, or the psychic powers from the Warlocks and Grim. Grim led the charge, with his followers and Eldar forces behind him. When Grim killed the Daemon Prince leading the warband, victory belonged to the Eldar.

Grim spent the next few days helping rebuild the Craftworld, and teaching Lalu how to use her powers. When it was time to go, some Eldars, in order to show their gratitude, decided to join Grim's followers. One of them was Halica who would later become one of his best allies.

Destroying a Religion (M34)Edit

His adventure to the planet called Teru would leave Grim a man wanting vengeance. The planet Teru had been was a planet with two different societies. One society were called the Common and did not really know what to do. The others were people called the Uppers who set the rules and belief. Lately, the Uppers have taught the people religions that involved cruel sacrifices. Grim suspected that this was the work of Chaos. But a smaller group of Uppers were trying to push a different religion that in some ways seem similar to how Grim worships the Star Child. Very curious now, the Sensei decided to investigate.

He first went to the Commons and asked them a few questions. They explained that a few, actually many, had tried to reach the place where these good Uppers were, but guards would stop them and sacrifice them. Hearing that Grim ordered Drakos to take the bulk of their forces and deal with the Upper while he, Cel-ik, Sivia and Ori investigate the smaller group of Uppers.

After two days of traveling, Grim finally reached the base of the other group of Uppers. These Uppers revealed to have been taught by two mysterious but powerful beings that guided them along the path of a God that was slowly being born and would bring peace to all. The gods name was, the Star Child.

Grim realized that the two beings must be Sensei's, his brothers. Joy filled him as the thought of being reunited with them.

All of a sudden there was an attack. A guard had reported that forces from the other Uppers along with armor monsters had just attack the area where the two Sensei's were. Grim quickly contacted his forces and then with Ori rushed to aid his brothers.

The armored figures were Chaos Space Marines, but not like any Grim had ever seen before, for they bear no mark of any of the Chaos Gods or even Chaos Undivided. Nevertheless he faced them in combat, killing many of them as he could. With his followers, now increased with Eldar, they pushed the marines back.

Drakos had just arrived after "dealing" with the corrupt Uppers. But as the marines retreated back to their ships, they were carrying two hidden people on board.

Realizing they were his brothers, Grim dashed after them, hoping to rescue his brothers. But a Chaos Champion got in his way. Grim dueled him and when he managed to cut off one of his legs, the ships were already heading off into Warp Drive.

Anger surged through Grim and he nearly teared the champion into pieces when he asked which god or being he served. The Champion merely gave a mad laugh and said he serves Syrath the Immortal and his brothers's souls will be devoured by him.

After that and cutting off the Champion's head, Grim's forces left the planet and headed into the direction that the ships had gone: to the south.

The Sensei Shaman (M34)Edit

Grim Doris had finally arrived to Segmentum Tempestus, the south part of the Galaxy. He soon felt the feeling of a calm but strong, welcoming presence from somewhere. Following it, Grim soon found himself at worlds farer south of the Galaxy. The presence had come from the planet below him, named Stella apparently. He then noticed that ships, somewhat similar to those of the Imperium, were moving around from that planet to nearby ones.

Grim decided to land his ship on the world, where he received little trouble of doing so (there wasn't a strong military there) and was greeted by several beings outside. Not wanting to appear hostile, Grim went out to meet them alone. He then got a good look at the man in front of him.

The man who the other people were behind was tall, handsome, and with a shock Grim realized that the presence he felt was coming from him. The man seemed to feel something from Grim as well because the two showed looks of awe and shock and then embraced one another. Grim was filled with joy: He finally found another Sensei, one of his brothers.

After explaining to the others, Grim's followers were welcomed with open arms. The Sensei said his name was Brogvel. He explained that during the Great Crusade he had acted as an ambassador of the Imperium, uniting human worlds with the growing empire using his psychic powers to do his work peacefully. When the Horus Heresy began, Brogvel rallied guardsmen to help protect worlds that were under siege by the traitors.

During the Great Scouring, Brogvel had soon received the Star Child's presence and thus became a shaman and brought people into worshipping this young god.

With the aid of the imperial regiments that followed him he aided worlds and united them under a loose government. Realizing of the Imperial Cult and how the Imperium responded to other religions, the Sensei believed it would be safer for his people to move to worlds more south and not as close to Terra.

When Grim told his brother of his plans to bring the rule of the Star Child by converting the Imperium through eliminating the Inquisition and the Eccleisarchy, he said nothing. He did show signs of grief at the news of the lost of two of their brothers.

Then Brogvel mentioned something. During one of his merges with the Star Child, he had a vision. A being, one of their brothers probably, in danger. From what he could tell the planet this took place at was somewhere in the east, in Segmentum Pacificus and has not happen yet.

Not allowing another one of his brothers to be lost, Grim decided to head there immediately. He told Brogvel that he would find their brother and bring him back here safely.

The Illuminati (Late M34-Early M35)Edit

"What did you just say?"
—Grim questioning the wanderers.

Grim had finally made it to the planet called Ares, a low population desert world, where Brogvel believed their other brother was. Bringing only Halica with him, Grim went down to the planet's surface. While searching for his brother he ran into a group of wanderers had told him they've seen such a person. Asking only for guidance through the planet's desert, Grim accompanied them for hours.

When finally holding his end of the bargain, the wanderers took Grim and his Eldar companion up to the mountains where his brother should be. They soon arrived to a small hut where a man who Grim recognized as his brother. Their greetings were the same as Grim's and Brogvel. But no soon later, the wanderers told them they were in grave danger. They said they were part of order called the Illuminati, people who know much of Chaos, and have gathered many Sensei to protect them from the Ordo Malleus, who wish to kill Grim and his brother, Mercus, should come with them.

Grim was suspicious of this but before he could decide an Eldar suddenly came in and attacked the Illuminati. It was Ularis, the Eldar Pirate. Ularis warned Grim that the Illuminati wished to sacrifice the Sensei to the Emperor of Mankind, reviving him into the Sensei-Emperor.

Enraged by their plan, Grim, Mercus and Halica and Ularis attacked the now armed Illuminati. Though the battle was turning towards Grim's side, his brother was struck down and was seriously wounded. Grim managed to save him as the Illuminati gave up and fled but Mercus had to be put in stasis in order to heal.

The Pirate, The Ancient Evil and The Lost Love (M35)Edit

Ularis's arrival was not just to save them. The Eldar Pirate had discovered something and required Grim's assistance. Agreeing, the Sensei boarded his ship and followed behind Ularis.

The Eldar then explained that a Necron Tombworld had been found. The planet had been selected by Imperium pilgrims who were soon arriving there, unaware of the horror on that world.

Another problem had occurred because of this. The Craftoworld Ulthwe had learned of this and not wanting their old foes to awaken, sent a force to eliminate the pilgrims. Ularis did not think that the humans should be killed, but something must be done with the sleeping Necrons.

Before the Fall, Ularis managed to grab several artifacts from Crone Worlds. One of them was designed incase if the Necrons should rise again. It was called the Dust Sphere, an orb made of rare dust that only destroyed the metal bodies of the Necrons.

Ularis planned to arrive before the Craftworld forces or the Imperial forces. Then taking a small force consisting of both of their forces, would travel to the planet. If by chance the Imperial forces should arrive after they destroyed the Necrons, Grim's ship could beam them up quickly and his forces would be needed to fight the Imperial Guards who were accompanying the pilgrims.

They soon arrived to the planet. While Ularis brought some of his best warriors, Grim brought Halica, Drako, Cel-ik, and several others with him. To their shock some Necrons had already awaken, due to the small band's coming here. One of them was the Necron Lord who was about to awaken the rest of the undead machines.

A quick fierce battle opened, with Grim and Ularis charging towards the Necron Lord. But he was guarded by several Immortals who unleashed heavy fire upon them. But Halica and a Striking Scorpion and Warp Spider from Ularis's forces came in and as they and the Eldar pirate faced off against the Immortals, Grim fought the Necron Lord.

The Necron Lord showed fierce and powerful abilities that may have killed Grim if he had less strength. But after intense fighting, he managed to make an opening in the Necron Lord's metal body. Using his psychic powers he threw the sphere into its body, causing it to crack and the dust to pour out.

With the Necron's lord destruction, the others had no commands and the dust spread and soon broke down their metal bodies.

Grim and his friends returned to their ships just as the pilgrims arrived. Once back to their ships, Ularis sent word to the Craftworld of their accomplishment. Grim also noticed the affection both Halica and the Striking Scorpion were showing each other.

Halica soon revealed that the Eldar was her lover named Alur. Both of them and Elifor, the Warp Spider, originated from the same Craftworld. When it was destroyed, the three of them and a few survivors formed a team that was separated after a terrible battle.

Now finding each other, Alur decided to join Grim's forces in order to be with Halica, while Elifor, who had gotten use being a pirate and not trust Grim entirely, decided to remain with Ularis.

The Library and Laughing God (M35)Edit

"Knowledge must be earn, not taken. And though I could easily take this, I shall not"
—Grim to Apula after handing over one of the books

Grim decided to travel to the West part of the Galaxy, curious of what may lay there. As he went, he felt a psychic presence pass by, holding something of great value. Curious he decided to pursue. He soon discovered that the being was a Chaos Sorcerer fleeing in a Slaughter Class cruiser.

But he also sensed something else in the ship, something powerful. Whatever it was, Grim knew that it couldn't be in the hands of Chaos. With that in mind he set his ship after the cruiser at full speed. As he pursed them he met a Harliquin named Apula, who had been sent by her kin to retrieve a book that the sorcerer had stolen. Though there were some uneasiness amongst her and Grim's group, they decided to team up to retrieve the book.

A few hours later they managed to board the vessel where a battle pursued. It ended with the Chaos Sorcerer, who later was revealed to be a servant of Bevid, fleeing while his forces were wiped out. And instead of keeping the book for himself, Grim handed it back to Apula, shocking the Harliquin.

Because of his selflessness, Grim was given special access into the Library. Also Apula decided to join his group, interested to learn more about the Sensei.

Home of the Traveler (Late M35)Edit

Syrath (M36) Edit

Grim arrived at a world controlled by the Daemon known as Syrath. He had heard the stories of the threat that this being had become and unable to allow such a thing to exist, ventured to destroy Syrath. He learned that the High Lords of Terra had sent a force of Space Marines to retake the worlds under Syrath's control. Also the daemon's followers had taken two of his brothers for him to devoured, making Grim crave vengeance. So as not to be detected, Grim ordered his followers to go towards a different route. He engaged worlds that were nearer where Syrath was.

A week later did Grim and Syrath met face to face. At first both sides were even, but Grim's forces, which consisted of multiple races, many who had experience against the minions of the Warp, began to push back the enemy.

Syrath, despite his powers, was unable to deal any serious blow on Grim. Though he was also not prepared for Grim, a being who could use large amount of psychic powers, used technology unknown to him and also he could not be sensed in the Warp, the two were held in a psychic dual. It would have continued that way if it were not for the arrival of his Daemon Prince Arrius and several other chaos marines. But Drakos soon joined in with Grim and it was a stalemate again with Drakos's ability of being unaffected by psykers.

Fate seemed to be with the exiled Daemon at that moment, as Grim's ships began to take damaged from his cultist and chaos marines. Unable to allow their destruction, Grim gave up on Syrath and turned to help his allies. As the Sensei killed off his lesser followers, Syrath and Arrius fled from that world, with the Daemon swearing to one day destroy that Sensei, and use his powers for his own benefit.

Though the Daemon still lived Grim managed to use the Lock of Nimnas, to absorb of what remained of his brothers's souls into it, adding their powers to his.

The Lone Ranger (M36)Edit

A few weeks after the event with Syrath, Grim began to head else where upon hearing the location of another stone. During that time his ship detected a damaged xeno craft on the monitor. Deciding to investigate it, Grim took a small crew aboard one of the small ships towards the area. He was shocked to discover that it was the Eldar vessel of the Eldar Ranger he had met so long ago: Lutair. But the only one aboard the his apprentice, Verz.

Upon returning to his ship, Grim was shocked to discover that Lutair was one of the Eldar who was a companion of Halica and Alur and demanded to know what became of Lutair. Verz sadly revealed that his master was dead, slain by an Eldar Warlock named Poreil, who was also a member of their small band.

The two Rangers found the Warlock on an unknown planet. The Warlock was wounded and surrounded by Orks, all the while carrying a mysterious stone. After saving his friend, Lutair mentioned that he had met a human (Grim) who was seeking objects like those as well. Upon hearing this Poreil pushed for more information but Lutair refused due to the sight of his friend acting so odd. In a fit of rage, the Warlock murdered Lutair, burning his entire body into ash and nearly killed Verz who managed to escape in his master's ship.

When finished, Verz was taken to the med bay to recuperate while Grim and his two Eldar friends were left alone to think upon this. Grim deduced that the stone must have caused Poreil to be corrupted, leading him to believe that the stones had different affects on different species. This meant that Grim had to locate all the stones before anything else happened.

Reign of BloodEdit

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Brotherhood's AllyEdit


Grim had made acquaintances with another Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, Isolis. Isolis had been speaking with the High Lords of Terra about a project to eliminate the Eye of Terror, and all of Chaos at the same time. Such a feat had been unheard of, but after Grim had read his notes, the theory could be proven true, granted it would need alien parts for it to do so.

Grim saw an advantage to this for him and his plans involving the Star Child. If he could recalibrate the machine’s function and warp affecting nature to give the Star Child a solid form, with all the powers of the Warp inside of its body then Grim would even have a greater head start on his plan.

Using his psychic powers and manipulating skills, he managed to get Isolis to rearrange his notes to suit Grim’s need. Then he manipulated several members of the High Lords to approve the project. Then with no more use for the man, he had Isolis kill himself, to get any suspicion off of him. After that Grim moved in and took over the project, assigning several chapters with psychic abilities along with the Adeptus Mechanicus. With that side plan going now, Grim could focus on his other tasks.

Approve and EliminateEdit

Shadow ClawsEdit

Jungle WarEdit

Deaths on UrasEdit

Grim then headed towards the planet on Uras and began investigating the rumor about one of the stones. As he continued his investigation in the lower levels of one of the planet's Hive City, when he found out that Inquisitor Charos and his team was still following him. So he had Zekk go after them as he continued to look for clues.

The Assassin, along with several Wandering Shadows troopers, managed to wipe out most of the Inquisitor's team, forcing them into a corner. As his team was being killed, Charos used their sacrifice to hunt down Grim. When he found him he pointed his bolt pistol at the Sensei and tried to kill him. But Grim Doris managed to dodge the weapon and stabbed the Inquisitor in the spine, killing him. Grim managed to cover the incident up, claiming that Charos had gone rogue and was trying to silence Grim who was about to find out.

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Truth on MarsEdit



Grim is a calm and collected individual. He is always seen with a calm smile on his face and can be very relaxed even during the most serious of situations and is usually confident in his abilities and his plans. Originally over ten thousand years ago he was more aggressive and a lot more emotional then he is today. However over the years he has learned to control his emotions and has rarely seen losing his temper. When he does many people find it both surprising and a bit intimidated or at least uncomfortable at seeing the usually calm Grim Doris enraged.

Unlike most humans Grim's perspective on the various races of the galaxy is more broad and open. While he agrees that some races, such as Daemons, Necrons, Tyranids, Dark Elder etc, cannot be reasoned with, he does believe that its better to not judge someone just because of their appearance or race. And while he admits that Orks are technically a race that cannot live with peacefully, he believes that they can be useful allies such as the Orks that are part of his group. He also believe that mutants aren't evil because of how they look, but pushing them away due to prejudice turns them evil. He still believes in helping humanity but now all those who are related to humans, sub-humans, ab-humans, mutants and even those with similar physiology to humans.


Due to his immortality and personality, Grim has made many allies over the millenniums who have stayed by him and fought by his side.


"I see the truth and I shall use it in battle."
—Cel-ik's motto

The lexmechanic is Grim's closes companion. They met sometime in the 32nd millennium, when he was part of another Inquisitor's retinue. That inquisitor was very abusive to Cel-ik due to the fact he wasn't human, which caused him to be depressed. Grim killed the Inquisitor and took Cel-ik back with him to be by his side, ridding him of his depression. Cel-ik would later help him in many adventures, such as on Rafraz when Grim faced off against several Dark Eldars. He also helped him find Sivia and the Craftworld Relaci. When Grim infiltrated the Inquisition, being a lexmechanic, Cel-ik became part of his public retinue. He seemed to be more comfortable with being with Grim but still edgy to be back in the Inquisition. Even though he is not a warrior, Cel-ik is constantly at the front lines with Grim and performing dangerous task. Grim says he is one of the best due to his extensive watching of the enemy.


"I never told anyone about my past and neither has he. We are two beings with many secrets, but yet trust one another. That is why I serve, and that is why you failed to corrupt me."
—Drakos explaining his friendship with Grim to the Daemon Prince Chorax after he tried to corrupt him.

Drakos is a being of an unknown race, though it has been determine that it was indeed and ancient and advance race. Grim met Drakos on the planet Rafrak, a planet attacked by Dark Eldar raiders. Drakos had been killing Dark Eldar who entered a large forest, and protecting any of the captives they had. He actually saved Grim and Cel-ik from a Dark Eldar ambush and later on assisted them against the aliens and then agreed to travel with them. Since then Drakos has come to trust Grim due to the fact neither of them tells the other their origins, though Drakos has mentioned that his race was ancient and very advance (the way he describes them may lead to they are extinct or are on the verge of extinction). He also mentioned that he use to travel with four others of his kind until they were killed by Primarch Angron.

Drakos acts as Grim's elite fighter and is usually in command of his followers when Grim is occupied with something else. Drakos possess a large body that appears to be covered with metallic armor that is almost indestructible. He carries a giant machine gun that releases a volley of bullets and his left arm wields a unusual power fists that is powered by magma. He also has a sword that can cut through anything. He has a hood over his head and long blue hair. He seems to be immune to multiple psychic attacks, which was demonstrated when facing the Daemon Prince and Grey Knights from the Hunter Knights team.

The Daemon Prince of a Alpha Legion warband tried to subdue Drakos into joining Chaos, even using sorcery to do it. But Drakos did not turn and easily killed the Daemon and his marines. This may mean that Drakos's loyalty to Grim is strong enough to resist temptation, the fact he was with Grim so long may have had effects on him, or it could be that his people could resist the force of Chaos's temptation.

Due to his long isolation on Rafrak, Drakos does not usually hang out in large crowds. He seems to be more comfortable with people who Grim trust like Cel-ik and Sivia.


"You must admit Grim, they both believe that they are superior to others, though that doesn't surprise me since they are the same race."
—Ori talking to Grim about the Eldar and Dark Eldar

Ori is a Rafrak, a species of aliens with tall bodies and red skin. At the end of M32, his homeworld was being raided by Dark Eldars. When Grim came to assist them, he had his suspicions. But that changed when he helped drive off the invaders and save many of Ori's people. Ori was one of few Rafraks who joined Grim's followers, with only a sword and a gun. On the planet Teru, Ori took a more personal role when traveling with Grim to meet with a small group of Uppers and their religion. The planet would be his first place where he would fight Chaos Space Marines. After the battle he showed his disgust of the chaos warriors as they reminded him of the raiders that invaded his world. He isn't comfortable with being around Eldar since they are the same as Dark Eldar so its hard for him to work with his Eldar companions.

Sivia InquestoEdit

"I may not look like it, but I am strong and if you ever insult him again I'll show you how strong I can truly be!"
—Sivia to Justicar Romu while battling him on the 'Wandering Redemption'

The girl known as Sivia Inquesto is the adopted daughter of Grim Doris. She was only a baby when Grim found her aboard a space station. She was the only survivor after the station was attacked by monsters (Who were later to be discovered to be Genestealers). Sivia would later have a hatred towards these beasts. Her first name was from a name tag attached to her and her last name was after the station. She showed signs of being a psyker and with Grim's training, a powerful one at that. Armed with the weapon found aboard her station, Sivia has become a capable warrior and has grown into a beautiful women. She also shows the ability to create visible energy and use them as a weapon. Everyone gets along with her well and men know not to try and seduce her since she dislikes men who look only at her body. She see's Grim as a father, Drakos as an older brother, and Cel-ek as a nanny since he took care of her when she was little whenever Grim had other things to do.

The weapons she wields is an energy katana, a laser pistol able to fire large power blasts, mini bombs that can act as heat seekers. She also wears a red jumpsuit with stealth equipment attached.

She becomes very angry when someone either threatens or insults someone dear to her, Grim especially. Due to her human appearance, she is one of Grim's public retinue during his time infiltrating the Inquisition. Sivia also has a relationship with Grim's other retinue, the Kasrkin veteran David Yursop.

She gets along well with Jake and Jane, who she considers as cousins due to their parentage.


"He is different from the rest of his kind. I still sense darkness in him, though I do trust him."
—Halica explaining to Alur about Grim.

An Eldar Banshee Exarch. She met Grim when she was fleeing from World Eater forces, and was saved by the Sensei. He later on helped her save Craftworld Relaci. After that she revealed that she came from a Craftworld called Meralo, which was destroyed by a Kabal of the Dark Eldar. Only herself and few others banded together survived. They became separated after that. Halica then joined Grim's group and beside Ularis, was Grim's longest Eldar ally.

The Banshee rejoiced when she was reunited with two of her companions, one was her lover Alur who joined Grim's group. But when she learned of the death of one of her former companions, Lutair, who was killed by another companion, the Warlock Poreil, she became grim and sadden for sometime.

In the M38, she took part in defending an Eldar Exodite world against a Kabal along with a warhost of Bel-Tan, though they were not as happy to fight alongside other species. She took some joy in killing her evil cousins, battling viciously against the Wych cults.


Lutair was an Eldar Ranger. He met Grim during a mission to assassinate corrupted higher uppers who formed a Chaos Cult. With Grim's assistance, he and his student Verz, managed to wipe out the cult and bring in order onto the planet.

Lutair denied Grim's offer in joining him and soon left off world with his student, not knowing that would be the last time he would meet the Sensei. It is unknown when, but sometime after, Lutair found the Eldar Warlock Poreil, who was corrupted by one of the stones. He betrayed and killed the Ranger.

This left a huge mark on Lutair's surviving friends, both on his death and his killer.


"I show no emotion. I show no regret. I show no weakness."
—Verz as he prepares to eliminate a target.

Verz is an Eldar ranger and the student of the late Lutair. He met Grim after dealing with a Chaos Cults of a planet's hierarchy. It is believed that he witness the death of his master at the hand of his own comrade. When he found Grim and told the news, their was a brief mourning of those who knew him, Verz did not show any sign of emotion.

From then on he would travel with Grim, though he would sometimes go somewhere on his own and not be seen for awhile. Verz has shown great skill of hiding his feelings except when he helped kill Poreil on a Space Hulk in the late M41, showing relief of his master's killer's death. Verz carries his master's soul stone around his neck, guarding it greatly. Though he uses the webway to travel he also pilots a Darkstar Fighter.


"The Stars Speak of you Grim Doris. Many things."
—Lalu when meeting Grim

Lalu is the Farseer of the Eldar Craftworld Relaci. She was a young Farseer when her home was attacked by a Chaos warband. She was grateful for Grim's assistance in saving her people from Chaos and her powers increased under his tutelage. Her encounter with him made Lalu less hateful towards humans and has made her a good ally for the Sensei. It is rumored that she may harbor romantic feelings for Grim.


"We both hold things we don't want the other to know. That what makes us such good friends."
—Ularis describing about himself and Grim.

Ularis is an Eldar Pirate who has become a close friend of Grim. His origin is unknown but he claims he was around the time of The Fall. He can be very humorless when fighting, which might be due to his great power he shows. He and Grim met when he was pursuing an Emperor Children's warband that stole an important device. The event put the two on good terms. Ularis later on sought Grim's aid with dealing with a awaken Necron Tombworld. In the M41, Ularis assisted his old friend in battling an insane Sensei and his ally the Warlock Poreil. Ularis dueled Poreil and managed to single-handely defeat him, though the Eldar brought death upon himself when he jumped into space to rescue his stone.

Ularis has shown a great hatred for Dark Eldar, Chaos and Necrons. He is kind to all of his people and takes them into his giant fleet for sanctuary.


"Study the prey, learn all you need to know, never lose sight, use the shadows as your shield and hide you from his sight. Eliminate those who would protect the target and when the time is right, take the shot. Or if that doesn't work, you can just slaughter everyone to get the target."
—Zekk explaining how to assassinate.

Zekk is Grim Doris's personal assassin. He was originally part of a elite team of imperial assassins put together in order to deal with dangerous threats called Execution Team Sigma in M41. The temple he was from is unknown, either it was deleted from his files, a minor temple or it was never revealed because of what would come next for him. While on the team, Zekk had served as 2nd in command until being pulled away for a secret project. Authorized by the High Lords of Terra and run by several tech priest and Inquisitors, along with the supervision of several master assassins, the project was for combining the abilities, skills and traits of all six assassin temples into one person. So far, no one has survived the process. But Zekk did and it drove him to kill many of the people there as well as security personnel and he went rogue.

For the first five years since then he worked as a freelance assassin, taking on any jobs and executing them perfectly. It is even believed that he worked with the rogue Callidus assassin Asaid Virenus and may had even had a romantic relationship with her.

The missions he took were mostly going after Inquisitors or imperial assassins, in which he would take their badges or seals as trophies. This made him have run ons with his former team members, killing some of them as well.

When Grim Doris found him and revealed his identity and plan, Zekk joined his forces right away, happy to be with people who are in some ways outcasts like him. When Grim took a position in the Inquisition, he had Zekk not as part of his retinue, but as silent operative, eliminating inner threats to his plan.

He uses mostly the abilities of the Vanus, Eversor and Vindicare Temple abilities. He wears advance night vision goggles, an upgrade sniper rifle, two swords and carries several poison and exploding darts. He has also become one of the most prime targets of his former team members.

Edward OromoEdit

"My Lord, do my deeds show my faith and loyalty to the Star Child?"

"Edward, you need not ask, for your acceptance of the Star Child, as well being the first marine to do so, is good enough. "

—Edward talking to Grim about his duty to his new God.

Edward, Ed or Eddy for short, was a marine of the Black Templar chapter. Sometime at the end of the M40 and the beginning of M41, was accused of heresy and almost killed by his brothers. Even though he found the true traitor, a Marshall, he still went into exile. He nearly died of serious wounds if Grim had not found him time.

Since then and upon learning of what became of the Emperor's soul, Ed has proven to be a loyal ally and serves as Grim's bodyguard. His bravery and battle tactics have proven useful for the Wandering Shadows. Edward refers to many of his new comrades, mostly those that he has worked close with for a long time, as brothers (or with females, as Sisters). He also refers to the Star Child as the Star Emperor, The Rebirth Father, and sometimes the Emperor.

David YursopEdit

"Can't use a Lasgun, use a pistol, can't use that, use you combat knife. Everything is a weapon if you know how to use it."
—David talking to Sivia during a mission.

David was born on Cadia where he lost his parents, both military officers, to a terrible Chaos attack. He was quickly put into the Schola Progenium and raised into a Kasrkin. He showed great courage and had a very resourceful mind when it came to weapons. By the time he became part of Grim's retinue, he was promoted to Sergeant.

During his time with Grim he conversed a lot with Sivia, Grim's foster daughter. When it became apparent that the two had formed a romantic relationship, Grim risked it and told David the truth, to see if he would stay in order to be with Sivia.

To his surprise, David revealed that despite being raised in the Schola Progenium, he always felt that there was more then just worshipping the Emperor. Please with this, David was taken in as a permanent member of the team.


Alur is an Eldar Striking Scorption Exarch and another Eldar ally and companion of Grim Doris and the lover of the Eldar Banshee Exarch Halica. The two of them along with several others were the survivors of a Craftworld that was attacked and destroyed by a Dark Eldar Kabal. Some unknown time later the group became separated and Alur along with his close friend Elifor came under the service of an Eldar Pirate named Ularis. It wouldn't be several decades later when Alur was reunited with Halica, the banshee traveling with Grim Doris. He decided to be with Halica and thus began traveling with Grim while staying in connection with Elifor and Ularis.

Alur has shown to be very skilled in the arts of the Striking Scorpion and while wielding a shuriken pistol, seems to be more fond of using two Biting Blades, usually one in the reverse position. He also possess skills as a leader as Grim usually puts him in command of certain missions, especially those involving Eldar.


An Eldar Warp Spider Exarch, Elifor is currently under the service the Eldar Pirate Ularis. Originally Elifor came from a Craftoworld but it was destroyed by a Dark Eldar Kabal. He escaped with a small group of survivors though at some unknown time they became separated though he and his friend Alur joiled Ularis crew. A few decades later they were reunited with Alur's lover Halica who had become one of Grim's companions. While Alur joined Grim to be with Halica, Elifor, not fully trusting the human, remained with Ularis though stayed in touched with his friends.

Elifor has shown to be highly skilled in the ways of the Warp Spider, easily overcoming many opstacles with little to no problem. He is also very reliable as stated by Alur and Halica such as when he helped Grim fight off the mad Warlock Poreli and his Perpetual ally.

Apula Edit

Apula is a Harlequin, a solitarie to be exact. Apula met Grim when she pursued a Chaos Sorcerer of Bevid the Skull when he somehow managed to steal two books from the Black Library. Grim managed to get one of the books back as well as the stone that the sorcerer used. He surprised Apula when he returned the book to her without even looking at it. This action created an interest towards the Sensei for her and she allowed him to visit the Black Library. She later on joined his group.

Due to her soulless presence, she is suspiciously watched by the others, especially the other Eldar members and is usually alone. She does not mind this though, as she has always been a solo person. Whenever Grim wishes to visit the Library, she usually accompanies him.

Sometime during the defense of the planet of Atlantis 10, she fought against a Chaos sorcerer who intended to summon daemons inside the planet's capital. Both were interrupted by the Consumer, a Shadow Warrior of the Shadow One who attacked both of them. The Sorcerer was killed but Apula was severely wounded, though she managed to escape. She was put into a stasis pod and it appears she will recover, though it is unsure when.


"Yu sure know how to mak things interstin."
—Smoka commenting Grim while fighting a swarm of Genestealers on the planet Halo

Smoka was once an ordinary Ork Nob working for an Ork Warboss when one day the warband was attack by Tau forces. Unable to match the Tau's advance weaponry, the warband was wiped out, saved for a small number of Orks including Smoka, who was captured by the Tau. They were brought to a Tau research facility where they could be study, so the Tau Empire could better understand the Ork's tactics. One day an accident happen that caused a mental breakdown in Smoka, making it believe that he was brain dead. But on the contrary, Smoka's intellect had actually been increased to a higher level (In an Ork's perpsective). He led his fellows Ork out of the facility and fled in a Tau ship, crash landing it on a planet called Halo, which was also inhabitated by a rogue swarm of Genestealers.

For six months Smoka and his small band of Orks held of the Genestealers until only Smoka remained. By the end of those months a small force of Imperial forces had arrived. Grim Doris, who was acting as an Inquisitor, had been asked by a governor of a nearby planet, to investigate and remove the Genestealer threat. Grim discovered Smoka and he took an interest in the Ork's unusal high intellect, while the Smoka took an interest in Grim's knack for dangerous adventures. Smoka assisted Grim in eliminating the Genestealers and then joined Grim's group, the Wandering Shadows as a lieutenant.

Smoka's name comes from that he smokes a cigar all the time. He still talks a little bit of Ork Language and usually accompanies Grim during the Sensei's meetings with Overlord IronBreaker.



"Cry Zome Morez!"
—Klankz battlecry

Klankz is an Ork Mekboy who was kicked out of his own clan because his inventions weren't "orky" enough. Grim meet him when he was trapped on a Space Hulk after a battle with the Sons of Horus warband. Grim took an interest in Klankz inventions and even saved his life, thus earning the ork's loyalty.

Klankz has shown to be very creative with machines and brave in combat with his Big Shoota and will kill anybody who threatens his new "Boss".



Gor, Gorg, GorggyEdit

"Just leve id to us boss, we get da job don"
—Gorggy talking to Grim

The three Gors are gretchins who were found by Grim Doris after a ferocious battle. Deciding that they might be of use, Grim took them in to be engineers aboard his vessel. They have actually proven good in fixing small damages to the ships, even in a time of crisis. No matter what situation they're in, they always seem to survive it.

Sora QuarEdit


Frad PorsyEdit

"You think this is easy, try living knowing that your homeworld is giant poison gas zone!""
—Frad yelling at David while fighting against Chaos forces on Uro.

Frad comes from the planet Krieg. He in fact was on it during the M40 when it broke out into Civil War. He was one of the rebels due to the fact of the death of his young son at the age of eight, even when he prayed to the God Emperor. His anger towards him increased when his followers under the command of Colonel Jurten nearly destroyed the planet with their atomic attack. Still Frad continued to serve in the Guard, hoping to find a escape. He did during a battle with an Ork Warband. He managed to steal a freighter and left orbit. But soon he was caught in Warp Storm, which actually sent him in the mid M41 and right towards Grim's fleet who captured him. When everything was sorted out and a life ready to be of his choice, Frad decided to join Grim's lot and later on acted as one of his retinue.

Velisa BaziEdit

Lersi FerishEdit

"Ah bite my ass you bastard."
—Lersi speaking to a dying Khorn cultist

Lersi was a former captain of the Imperial Guards. When his unit was wiped out during a battle with Khorne marines, Lersi escaped off world on board an civilian evacuation ship. Sometime later he lost his left eye and replaced it with a bionic one. And soon afterwards he met Grim Doris and decided that he would have better luck hanging out with his group. Lersi has proven to be an effective officer for the Shadow Troopers, and good against fighting Chaos marines and Orks.

Jake and JaneEdit

Richard Jacor "Doc"Edit

"Let us see what will happen at the end my friend."
—Richard to a Necron Lord as he sets off explosives over the Necron monolith.

Richard Jacor, also known as the Doc, is a rogue tech-priest. His reasons for going rogue was to hunt down a former partner, another tech-priest named Felix who apparently fused with a Necron. He was testing Necron equipment when he was ambushed by an Ork mob. Fortunately Grim, who was making a deal with a nearby Ork Warlord sensed his presence. He intervened and saved the Tech-Priest's life. Believing that they could help each other, Richard join Grim's group.

Richard has shown capable skills as a mechanicus, and much of Grim's fleet has been indebted to his skills. He does sometimes show unstable actions and many keep their distance from him.

Shas'vre Me'Ta Maso U'wi AKA SilentVenomEdit

"Sometimes a clever mind is better then a strong body."
—Shas'vre commenting after a battle

Shas'vre is a famous Tau Pathfinder from the Me'Ta Sept. He and his team along with a team of Kroot led by Shas'vre's old friend Borak were investigating the disappearance of a Tau research team. They later discovered the team had been killed by Dark Eldar, said people launching an ambush on Shas'vre's team. In the ensuing chaos Shas'vre used himself to buy his team time to escape, leading to his eventual capture by the Dark Eldar Kabal along with Borak, who refused to leave his friends behind.

It is unsure when but sometime later on the Kabal was attacked by Grim Doris's forces when the Kabal were setting up on another planet. After killing the Archon and his Kabal, Grim freed the prisoners and gave them shelter aboard his fleet, said prisoners including Shas'vre and Borak. Grim had agreed to take the Tau and Kroot back home. During the time Shas'vre began to grow accostumed to Grim and his people and soon felt like a part of them. His skills and experience as a Pathfinder intrigued Grim while the Shas'vre was interested in Grim's plan, seeing it as a noble cause as he believed that Mankind needed something or someone to guide them properly.

When he finally arrived back to Me'Ta, from a hiding spot, Shas'vre saw that a lot had changed during his time away, the most notable one is that his lover had risen through the ranks and given birth to his son. But while he wanted to be reunited with his people, a part of Shas'vre felt off after being imprison for so long and later aboard Grim's vessel. He soon decided that helping Grim would be the best way to protect his people and decided to join the human on his ventures. Borak also came with him, saying that his place was with his Tau friend.

Shas'vre has proven very useful in helping the Wandering Shadow, training many of the soldiers the art of stealth and infiltration. He has even led several missions for Grim, all of them with great success. Also his knowledge of Tau politics, language and culture was useful too when they traveled in Tau controled space.


Ezekiel CornatusEdit



Grim had formed a good relationship with this race, saving them from a Dark Eldar Kabal who wanted their technology and people and later on from the Adeptus Mechanicus who wanted to test and/or wipe them out. The Kaaalok have supplied Grim's group with new weapons, including the Shadow Dwellers. Another part of their friendship would be that Grim would bring unknown technology, the Kaaalok would study it and turn it into something useful for Grim.

When The Purgatory Program began capturing and studying them, many were able to escape due to "failed" security, secretly caused by an Inquisitor Grim Doris.



Inquisitor KateEdit

Inquisitor CharoEdit

Bevid the SkullEdit


The IlluminatiEdit

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"Grim is a man of many secrets. Though he has shown is loyalty and strength to the God Emperor, there are somethings that he still hides, but I still trust him with my life."
—Inquisitor Theo speaking about Grim to Inquisitor Tan and Toth.



"I feel it brother...I feel myself becoming one with the Star Child. Its..Its so beautiful."
—Brogvel's final words to Grim before his death.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Being a son of the Emperor, Grim is naturally a powerful psyker. He also has the unique abilities of being a Sensei, such as being invisible to Chaos, the Emperor and other psykers, he can draw large powers from the Warp without attracting Daemons. This has made Grim a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy.

Grim focuses his psychic powers on two factors: Mental and psychical. For psychical, Grim focuses on objects to use as shields or offensive attacks. He does not use them to control other people's bodies, but on his own. Grim is able to use his powers to boost his agility, reflexes, instincts and any weapons he is wielding. This shows him as someone who likes to fight swiftly while releasing powerful attacks.

Grim also uses his psychic powers to find out the truth from someone, see the future or manipulate someone. This portrays him as someone who uses psychology on someone when not directly in battle. When looking into the future, Grim is able to see something for suitable amount of time, of course there are limits for how long he can do it. When merged with the Star Child, Grim can do it for a greater amount of time and more accurate. But he has advise caution to his brothers for the risk of being permanently stuck in that time area.

His abilities of manipulation are very skilled. When speaking to someone, he sends psychic thoughts, images or words into what he is saying into the person's mind. He can also send psychic thoughts by merely passing someone.

Grim also possess a power to which he calls "Mind Input". Sending out a intense and concentrated psychic commands, Grim can attach a subconscious order and attach it to a persons mind. One form is that at random times, either caused by something, someone or something the victim is thinking of, activates it and sends a quick voice into his head or image. Though takes awhile, the thoughts slowly make the victim do what it says.

Another form is sort of like mind control, when activated by a code, like a word, the psychic plant, immediately takes over the person's body and mind. Though still showing a normal appearance openly, the victim in fact is following, subconsciously, a command without knowing it.

Grim seems to be very skilled with a sword. He seems to prefer close combat weapons then range ones. He also currently wields three swords.

One was when he went into the Traveler's Ship. He discovered a great sword with much power in it. On the blade was described "Damota". Meaning that had to be its name.

It is unknown if its a daemon sword, since Grim is unaffected by such creatures.

Another sword he gained is an Eldar Sword given to him by the Harlequins after recovering a book of great importance that was stolen from the Black Library. Currently Grim does not use it as much due to his position in the Inquisition.

The last sword is Grim's first and most powerful sword. At first glance, it is nothing special. Its blade is gold and shines likes it and has a two/one hand grip.

File:Sensei Grim main sword 5.png
But actually the metal which it was made of (And Grim refuses to give its origin) can cut through anything and can destroy daemons easily. It also enhance Grim's psychic powers. Grim calls it, the "Golden Star" after the Star Child, his God.


When Grim first began his voyage in space, he commanded a Sword Class Frigate, which he named "Lost Son".

After the Horus Heresy and discovery of what became of the Imperium, Grim renamed the ship "Shadow's Son" due to the fact he would never be with his father. He then called his followers the Wandering Shadow.

Over the years however, he began to acquire more ships. From either raids, stealing them, traded, salvaged, lost, taken from pirates, rogue traders, adeptus mechanicus, sometime Space Marines or Imperial forces. Sometimes the ship's crew would join his group.

When he captured an Emperor Class Battleship and Retribution Class Battleship, he made the Emperor class his flagship and the Retribution class his vanguard. He named his new flagship "Star of Shadows" and the Vanguard ship "Shadow's Sword".

Over the years most of these ships have either been destroyed, lost, abandoned, or stopped working. Currently his Wandering Shadow has at least fifteen ships of different classes. His Shadow Claw fraction contains their only Battle Barge and four Escort class ships.

When he infiltrated the Inquisition he got a Black Ship and named it "Shadow of Judgement". His fleet is always ready to answer his call.

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