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Blaze Ravens
Blaze Raven 3
A Devastator of the Blaze Ravens

Battle Cry:

YOU WILL NOT PASS!!! or rumoured "Paradise is overated, We'll see you in Hell!"

Founding Legions:

Imperial Fists and Ultramarines


Anti-Tyranid warfare, Defensive Warfare, Siege Warfare, Guerilla Warfare (unused)

Fortress Monastery:

The Scorched Citadel


Many Loyalist Chapters (see allies),Crimson Marauders, Shadow Claws, Lords of Midnight, Eldar


Tyranids, Orks, Inquisition, Marines Malovelent, Tau, Fury Incarnate, Sisters of Battle, Ecclesiarchy, Dark Angels, Many Xenos.


Black and Red


3000-4000 (numbers flux)

Chapter Master

Dante the Ash Bringer


Active, Currently entrenched at Armageddon.

"Paradise is overated, I'll see you in Hell."

-Chapter Master Dante

The Blaze Ravens are a highly unorthadox chapter of Space Marines specifically created for anti-xenos operations. For millenium they have served with honour against the Orks and Dark Eldar, then the Tau and Tyranids. However this changed over time as numerous other hive fleets invaded the galaxy. Because of the sheer magnitude of the threat this extra-galactic beasts posed, the Tyanids became the Blaze Ravens top priority.

Their gene-seed can be traced back to both the Ultramarines and the Imperial Fists. From this they inherited a defensive, anti xenos mentality. Their mentality would serve them well for they had one mission: Burn every last xenos that threatens humanity and the Galaxy, starting with the Tyranids.

Unknown to anyone outside the chapter they have an secret history with the Eldar that dates before their founding. And they are the founder and member of the secret Brotherhood of Lenimentum.


Since the beginning of the Imperium, man has been plagued by attacks from xenos. Therefore the High Lords of Terra called for the creation of a entirely anti-xenos chapter. They would be created from mixed geneseed in order to be best suited to fight aliens. It currently unknown exactly when the chapter was actually created, however some evidence and rumours suggest that they are of the 13th Dark Founding or the 21st Cursed Founding. Since their founding, the Blaze Ravens have participated with in numerous anti-xenos actions, most notably the Third War for Armageddon and the Zeist Campaign.

However things changed after the devastation caused by the attacks by Hive Fleet Behemoth and then Kraken. A great fear of future Tyranid attacks spread through Imperial command and reached all the way to the High Lords of Terra. The idea that this may not be the end of the Tyranid's incursion was good reason to worry. Therefore they charged the Blaze Ravens with the task of eradicating the Tyranid race from the galaxy.


The Blaze Ravens are an old chapter and their history is long and glorious. No one has a specific date when their founding occured, but it is a interesting story. The Blaze Ravens began as a band of resistence fighters. None of which were even old enough to drive.

In milleniums past a battle raged on a planet called Vilamere. Vilamere was a industrial world, but other than that it was an unremarkable planet. However that didn't bother the World Eaters traitor legion who descended like a storm of blood and metal. The people of Vilamere were caught completely off-guard but never the less put up a fight. But incompetence and cowardice within the High Command crippled the war effort and the planet was soon conquered. Other Imperial forces located out of the star system were occupied with their own troubles and were unable to assist.

From the ashes of the defeat many extra-ordinarily resourceful resistence groups rose up. One of these resistence group made use of assymetric warfare and underground tunnels to their advantage. The amazing thing is that the vast majority of them weren't even adolescent.

File:Post Apocalypse.jpg
They were the many groups of children that had been smarter than their elders and fled to underground tunnels to escape the war. Most of them were from gangs. They all survived by scavenging food, supplies, and weapons from the dead on abandoned battlefields. Through this they managed to collect a rather impressive collection of weapons. With the harsh conditions they were forced to learn stealth, unpredicability, and gaining the agility of a street jumper. Life for the survivors was tough enough as it was, so instead of fighting each-other, the survivors worked together to survive.

One of these survivors was unique among all the others. His name was Dante, a crimson eyed street rat, and future chapter master of the Blaze Ravens. He was a extremely sarcastic and frightening looking child. At the time he was not even old enough to drive. Despite that he was, and still is, laid back and charismatic. But above all he was a genius in his own right. Dante was quick to recognize that despite the fact that the survivor groups were safe for the time being, they could not hide forever. The traitors would find them eventually and they would die. Privately he also felt ashamed that he was hiding from the enemy while others were dying to free the planet. Using his charisma, he rallied the survivor groups into uniting and organized them into effective fighting force. He hardly planned to fight the World Eaters head on, that would be suicide. But he did plan be a most illusive thorn in their back-side.

For a almost a year the "Emperor's Shadow" as they called themselves operated like ghosts within the abandoned and war-ruined Hive city. These resistence fighters laid improvised bombs, rigged buildings to collapse, set sniping operations, used crude homemade rockets, ambushes, and laid a extremely clever series of traps. The fact that many of them were former gangsters also helped.

Their most notable accomplishment was that they had dug a elaborate series of cramped tunnels with tin cans and their bare hands. All the while, Dante was leading his forces from the front. They scavenged whatever they could in order to survive and took in any other survivors that would join. However these were painfully far and few. Most simply refused to join children, or attempted to kill them for their supplies.

One of Dante's immediate goals was to learn about their enemy. Knowledge was power after all. Scouts would observe the enemies tactics and objectives, trying to discern what it was they were after. They soon realized that the traitors were a primarily berserker force supported by canon fodder. This made them predictable and easy to fool. Something Dante immediatly noted was the strange ammount of activity there was in the mountains, like they were digging something. Also it was revealed that the traitors had built their headquarters fairly close to the capital city. Thanks to their new knowledge of the enemy, mastery of the terrain, and Dante's genius, their were fairly light casualties. However deaths from mal-nutrition and accidents were more common.

However it did not always go smoothly. The World Eaters launched numerous torch-and-burn campaigns to smoke out the resistence fighters. They scorched cities, launched mass bombing raids, and used poison gas in an attempt to wipe them out. Fortunetly it was not as effective as the World Eaters had hoped and casualties were light, though it made scavenging a problem. Still the resistence held out, though they suffered more.

First Contact with the EldarEdit

An unlikely ally came from a unlikely source. Out of nowhere an eldar fleet from an unknown craftworld appeared and attacked the World Eater fleet. They scattered the traitor fleet and the xenos armada deployed its warriors to the surface before they vanished. The xenos warriors specifically attacked and destroyed anything Chaotic while they seemed to searched for something. Dante was suspicious of the xenos and ordered his men to remain hidden. He had no idea who they were, what they were, or what they wanted. Laying low would be wise for now.

It seemed like everything would be alright as long as they remained hidden. The xenos seemed to only attack the World Eaters. But it didn't go as planned. eldar forces were advancing directly towards one of the hidden shelters that held their youngest members and the injured. With it's location obviously compromised, the Emperor's Shadow set up warning signs for the eldar and warned them to stay away. The eldar, instead believed it was a trick to dissuade them from their objective and continued to advance. Eventually the Emperor's Shadow had no choice but to fight and delay the xenos until the shelters were evacutated.

The main tactic used was ambushes, rocket attacks, and utilizing the tunnels to move around quickly and safely. Because of the tunnels they were able to form a extremely flexible and mobile defense strategy. The eldar were constantly frustrated by Dante's indirectness. By collapsing buildings, using road bombs, sniping, and other traps they slowed down the eldar considerably, who could do nothing but punch fog. Still with their superior physique, numbers, and overwhelming technological advantage, the eldar continued to advance relentlessly for the shelters.

Eventually the Emperor's Shadow was forced to fight them face to face. Forming a tight defensive perimeter around the shelter they stood and fought, briefly holding them off. They were able to hold out for some time before seemingly running away. The eldar charged forward, believing that victory is theirs. But there was one problem, the ground they were walking on was muddy and hadn't rained in weeks. The humans had soaked the ground in promethium. Dante personally dropped a lighter that burned hundred of eldar warriors.


By the time the battle was over the Emperor's Shadow had evacuated the shelters and had vanished. Meanwhile the eldar discovered that the target was not their objective and that was merely a hideout and were furious. Meanwhile the leader of the xenos expedition, the eldar Fareer Talia was confused by the ferocity of the defense of something as unimportant as a hideout. However being begrudgingly impressed by the resourcefulness of the humans, she called them out.

On que Dante emerged from a tunnel that was located only a few feet away in front of them. The eldar demanded to know what a child was doing here. Dante nonchalantly replied that they had asked for the leader to show himself and he did. Farseer Talia had seen Dante issuing orders to the others, and saw him drop the lighter that torched her comrades, and knew it had to be true. Still angered by the human's trap the eldar warriors prepared to kill him. On que Emperor's Shadow fighters appeared from their hiding places and surrounded them with guns loaded. Meanwhile, Dante had dived back into the tunnels and now stood with his men. However he prevented a fight by saying...

"Look you xenos lets get a few things straight, we hate Chaos, and you obviously hate Chaos, so lets all stop being idiots and fight the guys were here to fight."

Dante asked why the Eldar had attacked them in the first place. Talia reasoned that wasting more lives fighting humans would be foolish and explained that they had come to this planet to seek a great prize. She didn't say what it was exactly, but to Dante it obviously held very important emotional value. The Farseer realized that the humans knowledge of the tunnels and enemy force deployment would be very useful. She proposed a "cooperation" between the two forces to defeat the World Eaters, or atleast a ceasefire. Dante merely stated that It wouldnt be an alliance, and that they were just going to shoot the guys they hated more. However it would be more complex than that.

It first started as merely trading information, updating eachothers knowledge of the enemies force deployments and movements. Then it turned into the humans providing sniper support for the eldar. Eventually they started launching joint sniper operations to pick off the enemies officers. Sometimes the eldar would use human tunnels to move around undetected. A pattern began to appear as both factions began a habit of bailing each-other out of deadly situations. Though both forces were still suspicious of the other, both hoped the other wouldn't be stupid enough to fight two enemies at once, and this was the order of things.

In response to this, the World Eaters launched more torch-and-burn campaigns, often burning whole cities to the ground. More often than not, eldar were forced to take shelter in the tunnels. This resulted in incredibly akward situations between the eldar and humans sharing the tunnels, sometimes for days on end.

End GameEdit

Eventually Dante called for a meeting with Farseer Talia and proposed that they should remove the head of the enemy, the Chaos Champion himself. Dante felt that the war had gone on long enough and too many people had lost their lives. The eldar meanwhile, had become impatient to recover their objective and the World Eaters were in the way. They both agreed that this was the best course of action. Soon Human and Eldar recon teams were sent out to locate the champion. eldar rangers soon found him, residing at his stronghold overseeing some project.

The plan was for the Emperor's Shadow to be dropped in undetected via eldar craft and infiltrate the fortress. The humans would find it easier to blend in with the enemy than an eldar. Meanwhile the eldar would serve as distraction, not directly engaging the enemy but distracting and with luck, lure them away. In the confusion the Emperor's Shadow would sabotage the defenses and allow the eldar to make the killing blow. The operation would proceed under the cover of night.

Since they had no aircraft of their own, Dante and the infiltration teams were dropped off under the cover of night by Vampire Raider craft undetected and waited for the right moment. Meanwhile the Eldar launched diversionary attacks, bombarding the fortress from afar. Seemingly they were just firing at the fortress but really blasting convienant entry points for the humans. They didn't miss a beat and infiltrated the fortress. Quickly silencing any witnesses they disguised themselves with the livery of the enemy. They were unoticed in the confusion of the battle so the young sabotuers roamed the traitor's bastion unchallenged. Quietly planting explosives as they went, the infitation teams went straight for the generators that powered the fortresses defenses. They set explosives while no one was watching and made their escape. When they where a safe distence away, they hit the detonator. The fortresses automated defenses immediately fell silent and the Eldar made their move.

Launching an all out blitz, the eldar quickly breached the walls and overwelhmed the enemy's initial resistence. But the fighting soon bogged down in the courtyard with the arrival of the World Eaters, lead by the Chaos Champion himself in Terminator armour. Quickly the Emperor's Shadow joined the fight. They scaled the walls and fought to capture them. With the enemy focused in the enemy in the courtyard, they were unprepared for a attack from them. Resistance fighters were able to clear the walls and capture them. As their snipers positioned themselves on the battlements, they silenced enemy heavy weapons emplacements and turned them on the traitors. Snipers rhen redirected their fire to pin the World Eaters down with deadly accurate fire.

Dante led the rest of the resistence in a charge down from the walls in a flank attack. Now being assaulted from two directions, the traitors were quickly being forced into a slow retreat. But the Chaos Champion was not one who excepted retreat kindly and led his berserkers in a counter charge. The battle quickly became a close quarter struggle to the death. The Emperor's Shadow kept the traitor guardsmen and cultists off the eldar's back, as the eldar in turn engaged the Chaos Marines.

While Dante kept the rest of the enemies forces distracted, Farseer Talia and the rest of her warriors focused their attentioned on killing the Champion. Human snipers picked off the World Eaters that stood in the Eldar's way and helped clear a path. Talia and her personal retinue quickly moved in through the gap to kill the Champion. As Talia engaged the Champion, her rentiue occupied his personal guard. But the Champion was a devious foe with centuries of experience and soon overpowered her. Before he could land the killing blow, Dante intervened by blasting him with a missile launcher, screaming "BURN HERETIC!!!" The Chaos Champion was lasted off his feet. But he was only stunned and far from dead. However Dante had bought the Farseer enough time to recover. Reclaiming her weapon she rose up and swiftly beheaded the Champion.

With their leader dead, the remaing Chaos forces in the fortress and across the planet lost cohesion and were fragmented. Moving quickly, the Emperor's Shadow and the eldar secured the rest of the fortress with little trouble. With the battle over, Dante began rummaging around for information and discovered something of interest. The Champion had resided here overseeing some pet project of his. What he was overseeing was the excavation of the buried craftworld. An entire craftworld lay buried under the surface of Vilamere and the eldar sought to recover it and the thousands of soul-stones still inside. The Champion had planned to excavate it and use it's soul-stones for a ritual of some-sort. But his untimely death had halted those plans. Dante had no idea what craftworlds or soulstones were, but he was able to deduce their general function and importance to the eldar.

In a moment of sympathy, Dante felt like he owed a debt to eldar and decided to reveal the craftworld's location to Farseer Talia. More than grateful, the eldar quickly discovered the buried craftworld and recovered it and the countless numbers of soul-stones within. As a token of gratitude the eldar quickly leveled the last major bastions the traitor posessed and most of the traitors fled from the planet before the eldar themselves vanished.


Months after the war on Vilamere was more or less over, a Liberation Fleet led by the Imperial Fists arrived to liberate Vilamere. The campaigns that had occupied other Imperial forces for so long were finally over, and they had recieved a distress signal from the planet long after it was reportedly conquered. Those who had sent the distress signal had claimed to be a group of resistence fighters who were fighting the traitors. But if the Imperial Fists had hoped to launch a great crusade to reclaim Vilamere they would be disappointed.

When they arrived they found only the shattered remnants of a once great force. Seeking to find out what could have shattered the enemy so, they eventual discovered the Emperor's Shadow. Actually it seemed that they had been waiting for them. Surprised to find so many young survivors, the Imperial Fists questioned them about what had happened and the where-abouts of the resistence group that sent the distress beacon. The one that identified himself as Dante merely laughed and said that they were the resistence group. The Emperor's Shadow explained everything that had happened during the war. Though they left out their cooperation with the eldar, their role in defeating the warband, and feigned ingorance on why their was a gartanuan crater stretching across the continent.

Most of the Imperial Fists were skeptical about their role in fighting the traitors. These doubts soon vanished as the Emperor's Shadow demonstrated their abilites as they and the Imperial reinforments cleansed the planet of the remaining traitor forces.

Here were young children who already posessed combat expierence against traitors. To them, these were prime examples of potential recruits. With the next founding just around the corner, it would be a crime not to recruit them. When offered a place in the adeptus astartes, the resistance fighters were in no doubt surprised. Not exactly in the position (or willing) to refuse, they accepted. However, there was a catch, not all of them could join. Women and those too young or old would remain as the planet rebuilds. The rest would be taken to begin a new life as Space Marines.

Many of the resistance had grown tired of hiding in tunnels and wished to fight their enemies head on and defend those who can not fight back. Dante was one to stoke these embers in a fiery speech. Some respectfully disagreed and decided to follow a different path. Regardless of how they chose to fight, these kids were destined to be space marines.

Becoming Space MarinesEdit

The resistance fighters had been recruited to become space marines. As part of the specification of the soon-to-be chapter, instructors were drawn from the Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, members of the Crimson Fists, and the Imperial Guard determined to make the next few years the worst for the recruits. But the early training consisted of combat simulations, training drills, wilderness survival, taking apart weapons, etc. But this was basically everyday life for the recruits. Dante and all the others took this as a personal insult. The recruits soon drew up plans to give their instructors hell for taking it easy on them. Essentially they plan to wage another war.

Until they got to the "real training", the recruits will make training them as hectic as possible and basically fought another guerilla war. However this was far more light hearted, bordering on fun. Despite being broken up into different groups, the recruits quickly formed splinters cells and established a information network. Different groups secretely began warning eachother via Morse Code and other means of their instructor's plans and activitity. Others volunteered to purposefully get in trouble and be thrown into solitary confinment, armed with rudimentary tools that were stolen they were to dig escape tunnels, just like on Vilamere. Eventually their instructor's anger reached its boiling point. At some point the Sisters of Battle became involved in a nearly deadly situation.

The "war" ended when a Ultramarine Captain realized what the recruits were trying to tell them. Due to the limited amount of time the recruits had before they woud be too old for the implantation, they were granted a crash-course training regime. It was much shorter but far more brutal. And the recruits reveled in it.


Considering the nature of those they fight against, the Blaze Ravens do not divide their strength amongst companies, or follow the Codex Astartes in any way. Instead they broke up the chapter into many platoons which at times can be grouped as companies. This allows for more flexible tactics and faster deployment. Platoons consisted of 30 men each, 10 men are standard Tactical marines, 5 carried missile launchers, 5 are Assault marines, the remaining 10 are Devastator marines. The number count exludes the single Apothecary, Chaplain, and Techmarine who are attached to each platoon. Terminators and Dreadnoughts were formed into separate shock formations, or heavy support and vanguard units.

Organization would change in face of a Ork WAAAGH! or a Tyranid invasion. All platoons would mass together into one massive unit and dig in. A fortified line would be manned. From there they would attempt to stem the attack, by funneling the horde into killzones. Should this fail, Thunderhawks would always be on standby to evacuate friendly forces.


Considering the fact they are willing to stand up to the full might of the tyranid race, the Blaze Ravens are equipped with some of the best equipment the Imperium has to offer. These range from gauntlet mounted storm-bolters and Mk. Vlll armor to name a few. The Blaze Ravens are also privy to testing expirimental weapons created by Adeptus Mechanicus and the Techno Legion .

Needless to say, the maintence of a chapter of this size with all this equipment is extremely costly, even by Astartes standards. But the extra pains are endured to keep the Blaze Ravens updated and supplied due to their effectiveness against the Tyranids. Much of their equipment is supplied by their ally and neighbor, the Forgeworld Tritus lll as part of their debt to the chapter.

Blaze Ravens have a very literal "Burn the xenos" mentality. Most Blaze Ravens specialize in using heavier weapons such as bolters, flamers, melta weapons, or plasma weapons, but they also make use of Combi-weapons. Standard bolter rounds have largely been replaced by hellfire and inferno rounds for their effectivness against tyranids. Weapons of all manner are used depending on the situation.

Armaments for the space marines as a whole would varying as the situation demands. A unique feature to all Blaze Raven space marines is a gauntlet mounted storm-bolter, similiar to those used by Grey Knights, however they are of standard make and not the supreme quality as those. A great portion of the chapter are Devastators and wield a wide range of heavy weapons such as heavy bolters, heavy flamers, meltas, assault cannons, and lascannons. Assault marines play a small but imprtant role in Blaze Raven doctrine, holding the line when a xenos swarm attack reaches close quarters. Most are equipped with a chainsword, a bolt pistol, and possibly a grenade launcher. Tactical marines are the make up the bulk of a Blaze Raven defense. In order for them to halt a xenos charge they would need to lay down a storm of bolter fire. Accordingly, they are usually armed with a standard bolter equipped with a underslung chain-bayonet and fed by a modified drum magazine. They might possess a bolt pistol, grenades, and extra bolter magazines. To provide heavy support, Terminators are armed with a assault cannon, gauntlet mounted storm bolter, detachable cyclone missile launchers, and for close up combat a power fist.

Dreadnoughts are used as mobile gun platforms and heavy support. Standard armaments is a assault cannon with a under-slung heavy flamer, and missile launchers would also be included. Other times they would resemble a Mortis pattern Dreadnought with twin linked auto-cannons or lascannons on each arm. The former variant would focus on the enemy mass in general while the latter focuses on larger targets. A fact to note is that the Blaze Ravens posess two of the ancient Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought. One of which is occupied by Venerable Dreadnought Nathanos. The other is rumoured to be reserved for Dante himself.

The Blaze Raven's armor is a modified variant of the Mark VIII armor. It is more heavily armored with a neck guard and exposed joints are also covered. All Blaze Ravens are equipped with a dead man switch that activates automatically after their vital-signs flatlined. This would torch the body to ash immediately (hence the name Blaze Ravens), if the body is being damaged post death. This was a precaution so that if the space marine fell in battle, the tyranids could not use his genetic material. Unfortunetly this would destroy the gene-seed, so the dead man switch shouldn't be used unless absolutely nessecary. But atleast his armor could be covered.

Armored vehicles make up a important aspect of the Blaze Ravens doctrine. They are used to provide heavy support, transportation, cover retreat, and even assist in possible evacuation. The Blaze Ravens posess a large fleet of Warbikes. Such craft are used to harass enemy forces in hard-hitting lightning strikes.

Rhinoes, Razor-backs, and Predator tanks. Rhino APC's are used as simple transportation of supplies and friendly forces. Though Razor-backs are used often for similiar purposes as the Rhino, they also frontline vehicles armed with twin-mounted Assault Cannons or Heavy Flamers. Predators are important vehicles to the Blaze Ravens. Armed with Twin-mounter Assault Cannons and side mounted Heavy Flamers, they are used to hold the lines against an unyielding foe.


When orks or tyranids attack a planet, it is as a huge swarm. Therefore whenever orks or tyranids attack, the Blaze Ravens are usually the first to answer the call for help. They will come running to reinforce the planet in chapter sized strength. Blaze Ravens have two main strategies that seem like polar opposites of each other.

In a conventional battle, Blaze Ravens will move as dozens of fast, well armed, mutally supporting, platoon sized units. This allows them to move much faster as a whole, more flexibility in the field, the ability to surround, then isolate, then finally elimate enemy forces. Mop up operations would proceed later.

File:Tyranid Battle.jpg

However there are those like the Orks or Tyranids who attack with overwhelming massed frontal assaults. In response to this all Blaze Raven platoons merge together into one massive and entrenched force. With the overwhelming use of firepower, support from Imperial guardsmen, the extensive use of heavy weapons, artillery, air support, area denial weapons, and armored forces from the Imperial Guard, they would halt the attack there.

If all else failed, the defenders would be evacuated from the battlefield via Thunderhawks and other Imperial aircraft would carpet bomb everything in the area. If that was enough to destroy the enemy then Blaze Ravens would return and scorch everything to prevent another outbreak.

Dante the Ash BringerEdit

The second and current Chapter Master of the Blaze Ravens is Dante the Ash Bringer. Despite his venerable age, like all Blaze Ravens, he is surprisingly youthful in his appearence. He is easily recognized by is intimidating features. Burning red eyes, long wild black hair, an abnormally sharp kanine tooth, maniac grin, and with his characteristic scar over his left eye, he looks more like a Space Wolf than anything else. Needless to say he is a frightening man and he has made full use of this.

Dante doesn't treat his marines as assets but literally as his brothers and friends. This is because all that they had as mortals was each-other. Since they all have known eachother since before they were Space Marines, Dante understands each and every one of them.

Dante started as a mere street rat trying to survive on his homeworld Vilamere. As a child he was known for his frightening apperence, laid-back, and extremely sarcastic behavior. But this was only his outward apperence as he was very charismatic and a genius in his own right. But even as a Space Marine and even Chapter Master, he was known for his laid back, easy-going, and sarcastic behavior. Note that his behavior is reflected by the rest of his chapter and every Blaze Raven. But this doesn't mean he took his reponsibilities lightly. Inwardly he is very serious about his duties and does not take any human deaths lightly in the least. When the situation become serious he displays a much more dark and grim personality that puts other space marines off-ease. He is also feared for an almost unatural capacity for rage.

Dante is renound among other chapters because he waged war in the Emperor's name even before he was a Astartes. As a child he led a resistence group made up of adolecents against the World Eater traitor Legion. Calling themselves the Emperor's Shadow they waged guerilla warfare against the traitors. Eventually the eldar became involved and a battle broke out. He was able lure them into a trap where hundreds of eldar warriors were trapped in a promethium soaked kill-zone, earining him the name "Ash Bringer". Official records are unclear of what happened afterwards but eventually the traitors left bloodied, shattered, and leaderless while the eldar simply vanished.

Tactical RulesEdit

There are a strict set of rules set for the chapter involving battle set by Dante himself. These were set to prevent unessesary loss of life and to make sure that space marine genetics were not used by the tyranids.

  1. Always watch your brothers backs by moving in formations that cover all angles, even above and below.
  2. Never in any situation use human lives as bait or intentionally put them in danger.
  3. Never put your Thunderhawks in the line of fire, else you may not be able to be rescued.
  4. In close combat you must be always supported by ranged fighters.
  5. Dreadnoughts must always be supported by atleast one squadron.
  6. All platoons must have a 2nd and 3rd in command at all times, if there is not then one is chosen on the spot.
  7. Always have several contingency plans ready, the first one rarely survives first contact with the enemy.
  8. Always give a update to your superior officers every 5 minutes.
  9. Always report anything suspicious.
  10. When facing a Ork or a Tyranid charge, heavy weapons must suppress enemy forces while allies target the largest beast and destroy it by any means.
  11. If a human population has been killed or it is too late to save them, burn everything to prevent the tyranids from using anything.
  12. Always save a extra magazine, you may need it.
  13. If pinned down by the enemy, devastators or other heavy support unit, will lay down suppressive fire while the rest of the platoon repositions.
  14. In the event of a tactical retreat, armoured forces, dreadnoughts, terminators, and devastator squads will cover the retreat.
  15. You must assist friendly forces whenever possible.
  16. When operating at night use camoflauge, silence, and cover to their greatest extent.
  17. When facing Tyranids refrain from using the same tactic twice in a row, else the tyranids will learn them.
  18. In the event that combat has become too close for heavy weapons, friendly forces must buy time for them to reposition.
  19. In the event that that the enemy overunning your position is unavoidable, all space marines must prepare to activate their dead-man switch.
  20. Apothecaries must be defended at all times.
  21. If space marines are covering a retreat/evacuation then they will proceed as following, civilians go first, then human forces, then all the wounded, then any brother chapters, only then are you allowed to be evacuated.

Recruitment, Creation, and NumbersEdit

To replenish the chapter's strength, future space marines must be recruited. Often recruits hail from the homeworld Pallas lll . Despite this, Blaze Ravens will recruit whenever and where ever they are presented with the oppritunity. It is not uncommon for recruits to taken from worlds ravaged from xenos attacks, especially worlds ravaged by the tyranids or orks. This helps instill a hatred for the alien and would serve them well in the future.

As with all space marine chapters, recruits must go through a iron clad training regime. For the remaining days of their lives as mortals, recruits are tought the ideals of the Blaze Ravens: Defend the people. Burn the enemy. Future space marines are train and fight together as more of a family unit than simple battle-brothers, this strengthens the bonds between marines and the sense of brotherhood. A key aspect of the Blaze Ravens is their cherished brotherhoods and teamwork. They are aware that even within chapters, brothers may sometimes share rivalries. Such a thing can lead to failure or worse corruption and treachery.

Once recruits are selected they are formed into their respective platoons, they will train together, eat together, and suffer together until they are Astartes and afterwards. The principle of the training regime is that if you are not strong enough, they will make you strong.

Training drills are based of two principles, entrenched/defensive warfare and fast/mobile warfare. Once training is complete, recruits are to recieve the implantation of the geneseed and numerous other organs that will make them Space Marines. The implantation process is a bit different than from other chapters and involves the implantation of extra back-up organs. Should any of the marines vital orans be damaged (ex. from a Tyranids claws) the space marine can fight on. Once the implantation process is complete the neophytes are immediately given power armor and are formed into new platoons.

With the flood of recruits coming from the countless worlds ravaged by alien attacks, and the increase of xenos attacks, it was unavoidable that the chapters numbers would begin to swell far above the standard 1000 space marines. Numerous reports say that the numbers have increased to atleast 3000 marines and are most likely approaching 4000. That is more than three times as many that the Codex Asartes allows. The only reason this is tolerated by the Inquisition is because the extra strength has been proven very nessecary for the Blaze Raven chapter to effectively fight a Tyranid incrusion. Also the chapter is often spread far and wide over different campaigns, makng it difficult to get an accurate count.

Relations with EldarEdit

One of the Blaze Ravens most infamous and secret characteristics is their relationship with the eldar. The Blaze Ravens and the eldar have worked very closely with eachother on a level that has never been heard of. The history between them began long before the Blaze Raven's founding as a chapter.

As an adolecent resistence group they fought side-by-side with them (who were seeking a fallen craft-world) to free their home-world of the World Eaters. Together they severed the head of the traitor warband and drove the traitors from the planet.

In an act of benevolence, the resistence leader and future chapter master, Dante, revealed the location of the eldar's fallen craftworld. This was an act that has not been forgotten by the eldar. Since then, the Blaze Ravens have fought along side the eldar in many situations, always working out a compromise and keeping their word. When conflicts erupts between the Imperium and the eldar, the very presence of the Blaze Ravens signals an end to hostilities.

The chapter is famous even among the eldar. The eldar view the Blaze Ravens as one of the few mon-keigh that are capable of listening to reason and even regard them with something akin to trust. Because the then-adolecant Dante revealed to the eldar where to find a fallen craftworld, saved the life of a respected Farseer, and as shown capable of out-witting the eldar in every occasion, he is widely regarded with a degree of respect and is refered to as "Ash Bringer", in momento to his most famous tactic.

The eldar know that as long as they do not risk human lives, the Blaze Ravens are easily very useful allies who have never acted in treachery.


Another of the many strange aspects of the Blaze Ravens is their behavior. Most space marines are serious, ultra stoic warriors of the Imperium. The Blaze Ravens are another matter entirely. They are informal, casual, easy-going, even friendly and child-like. Their strange behavior has as much to do with their chapter master's personality as it has to do with the chapters origins. Starting out as a adolecent resistence group, military formality was non-existent, so though they were functional and effecient, their behavior was completely informal. They stubbornly carried this personality through their training (much to their trainers dismay) and till their days as space marines and beyond.

However this does not mean that they take their responabilities lightly, not in the slightest. Their casual attitude is only displayed during non-combat situations. When the situation is serious or a battle is raging, a Blaze Raven is just as fierce and disciplined as any other space marine. They are very frightening, being grim, serious, intense, and even menacing. Whenever there is a great loss of inoccent life, the Blaze Ravens enter a state of rage that is border-line berserking. Cursing and swearing vengence on their killers, they never cease till their murders lay dead.

It is said that they posess a list of attrocities that are committed, whenever each tragedy has been avenged it is marked off. But the list never ends...


In face of a Ork WAAAGH! of tyranid invasion it was common for other chapters abandon a civilian population or wipe them out with Exerminatus. They would say they had no other choice and that it was merciful. The Blaze Ravens however, fiercely believe in protecting humans at all costs. Because without them, they reason, what is the point of the Imperium? To the Blaze Ravens, if they were willing to abandon their own people to untold horrors, then they were no different the hordes of xenos and daemons that they hate. Many other aspects make up the Raven's code.

Unlike many chapters in the Imperium, the Blaze Raven do not worship the Emperor. Instead they respect his strength, his will, genius, and his love of humanity. To them he is no god but he is still the Emperor.

They seem to follow the old ways of both Rogal Dorn and Roboute Guilliman, in which whenever the the chapter conquers a world during their battle, they would place themselves as the planet's guest and not as their masters. Rogal Dorn once said "I want recruits not vassals". These words are followed closely by the Blaze Ravens. The Blaze Ravens are also a very benevolent chapter, just like Roboute Guilliman they fight in a way that would minimize collateral damage, and win the hearts and minds of the people. Often after a campaign, the Blaze Ravens will remain a while longer to help re-build the damaged world and then leave with sincere apology about the damage they may have caused.

Very commonly they come across a planet with inadequete defense, the Blaze Ravens reinforce its defenses and clean out corrupted individuals and incompetence. Especially those in danger of future attacks by traitors and xenos.

Despite the fact that the chapter was created for anti-xenos operation they are complex in that too. The Chapter focuses on the Tyranids, Orks, (swarm mentality xenos) and those they deem are the greatest threats to the Galaxy. Such threats include the Necrons, Dark Eldar, and other threats. But in spite of that they believe that all intelligent races can co-exist. But "unreasonable" races or those corrupted by Chaos must be destroyed. By co-existing, endless war would be a thing of the past and technology would progress, bringing a new Golden Age for all.

As for their views of the Imperium, as far as they are concerned it is a stagnant, decaying, brutal mockery of the Emperor's dream. The Inquisition as an organisation is depised by the chapter for its callous actions. The Blaze Ravens would like nothing more than to see it disanded and replaced by a more considerate organisation. They especially detest the Ecclesiarchy, the Emperor had tried to eliminate religon, but they have the audacity to make him a God. For a chapter that simply respects and honours the Emperor as a man who loved humanity, it seems that the Ecclesiarchy spat on everything the Emperor worked for. However the Blaze Ravens are aware of the uncorrupt exceptions in the Imperium and make special note of such people.

In truth, the only reason why the serve the Imperium is because Humanity needs them there the most...

Raven's CodeEdit

The Blaze Ravens have a code that the chapter follows. These laws were placed by Dante in hopes to prevent the chapter from failing in it's duties and to prevent them from becoming what they hate the most.

  1. Protect the people at all cost, for what is the Imperium without them?
  2. Honor the Emperor only as a man who loved all of humanity and sacrificed everything for it.
  3. Never abandon someone to their fate, for now what makes you different from the heretics and xenos?
  4. Respect the humans, for they face these horrors everyday.
  5. Always be wary of corruption in all its forms.
  6. Put your duty before vengence and glory.
  7. Do not waste your life by avenging a fallen brother or an innocent life if it is only for a futile cause, remember: There "will" be vengence.
  8. Remember a human's word of advice, they are sometimes very useful.
  9. Honor cannot be taken, only earned.
  10. Nervousness is not fear, fear is not cowardice.
  11. Watch your brother's backs and they will watch yours.
  12. Chao is a abomination, torch it if you see it.
  13. Orks and Tyranids are monsters, nothing more nothing less, and deserve nothing except extinction.
  14. Necrons are heartless machines, they must be destroyed.
  15. Dark Eldar are just sadistic abominations, destroy them.
  16. Eldar may be xenos but they are not monsters and if you dont have to fight them do not because:
  • Rememeber, they have sacrificed much to stop Chaos, Necrons, Dark Eldar, and Tyranids.
  • They are a atleast more humane than other xenos.
  • Our Imperium has worked with them on numerous occassions.
  • Our Chapter has worked with them on numerous occassions.
  • An alliance out of necessicity is not a shame.
  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  • Fighting two enemies when you should have only fought one is not only unwise, it is sheer stupidity.
  • If they attack first then fight them, but be wary and open minded for they always have a good reason.


The homeworld of the Blaze Ravens is the planet Pallas lll. It was named after the Titan god of war from ancient Terran mythology. The planet was settled on during the chapter's founding several millenium ago. Pallas lll itself is not a particularly special planet. It is a civilized world, signifigantly larger than Terra, and located in the Pallas system of Segmentum Ultima. The planet is orbited by a trio of mineral rich moons and the volcanic chains are very active. Despite that, the extremely diverse surface geography make it very defendable. Because the Pallas System is under the control of the Blaze Ravens and the fact there is much conflict from Tau and Tyranids in the Segmentum, the vassal worlds of the Blaze Raven have beeen made into fortresses.

The planet is also home to many Mechanicus facilities that produce the special arms and armor that the Blaze Ravens require.

Fortress MonasteryEdit

The Blaze Ravens, like most chapters posess their own fortress monastery. Their's is called the Scorched Citadel. The Scorched Citadel is dug deep into the face of a impassible mountain at the end of a long canyon and surrounded by a moat of boiling lava. The only part of the fortress-monastery that is actually visible is the fortress itself. Most of the the defensive systems are located there. The rest of the fortress, where all of the other facilities are, extends deep throughout the mountains and far below the surface. Even the firepower of an Imperial torpedo could not reach them.

To even attack the Scorched Citadel, the enemy would have to cross the entire length of the canyon, and that means line and after line of fortifications leading all the way to the citadel itself. If the enemy were to accomplish this the prospect of attacking the fortress was a daunting one. Heavy bolters, lascannons, artillery guns, and other weapons of all kinds line the walls and stud them. A powerful void shield is ever present and ready to defend against enemy munitions.

A siege on the Scorched Citadel would not be a frightening prospect to the Blaze Ravens. Large armoured hangars are dug into the sheer cliff faces of the mountains ready to disgorge aircraft and supplies can come in freely. Wells tap into deep underground lakes, and the hydro-culture plants grow much of the food they needed.

If an enemy were to somehow overcome every defense the fortress had, they would have a even more hellish time trying to take the interior. A single Terminator or a even few marines could hold a long section of the corridors for an extended period of time. If that wasn't bad enough, each section of the tunnels can be shut off, flooded, atmosphere voided, automatic turrets activated, or all the above.

In momento their comrades who could not become space marines, a huge iconography is guilded into the gates and within the fortress itself. That way no one will ever forget their brothers and how they got here.


The Blaze Ravens have a large fleet of starships at their desposal. These include a trio of Battle Barges, a dozen strike cruisers, and numerous other escort class vessels. There is also one other vessel, an ancient vessel discovered within a Space Hulk that predates the Heresy, it is called The Great Fist.
File:Imperial ship.jpg

An armada of warp-incapable vessels that form the System Defense Fleet other ships include the many Defence Monitor ships that defend the homeworld. Along with these is a unusually high number of fire-ships that are stuffed to the brim with plasma bombs, or incendiary explosives.

These would be most useful against a Hive Fleet. The fire-ships would fly into the heart of the fleet, then explode, punching a hole in the fleet. In doing so they would give the Blaze Raven fleet a clear shot at the Hive Ship or at their Narhals. All ships would fire everything they had against it and with luck, destroy it. All ships would then converge and eliminate the remainder of the Hive Fleet.

All ships belonging to the Blaze Raven fleet have been continuously upgraded with extra armor, thrice as many point defense guns, longer range bombardment cannons, upgraded Lance weaponry , and extensive use of melta, barrage, or even vortex torpedoes. These upgrades have served the ships well against tyranid bio-ships.


The Blaze Ravens have serve in countless campaigns across the Imperium. Some of their most notable and recent are...

Cleansing of Aeros 668.M4?

The Blaze Ravens are called in to cleanse the planet of a genestealer cult. The campaign goes smoothly, but a brief uprising convinces the Prioress of the Sisters of Battle that the planet was beyond saving. The Blaze Ravens intervene and prevent blood shed. However the Prioress accuses Dante of corruption and attempts to kill him resulting in Dante executing her. The Sisters of Battle were advised to leave the planet before the Blaze Ravens took their actions as a act of war. The campaign was over in a week.

Third War for Armageddon 998.M41

Blaze Ravens send half of all forces to defend Armageddon from Orks. Targeting the Hive Cities for liberation, they fortified the areas they liberated and successfully hold the line and allow many humans to be safely evacuted with light casualties.

Zeist Campaign 999.M41

The other half of the Blaze Ravens are sent to Ultima Segmentum to halt Tau advances. While fighting along side the Ultramarines and 20 other chapters, the xenos are successfully halted. After-wards they quickly rushed back to Armageddon and reinforced their brothers.

Currently the Blaze Ravens are still entrenched on Armageddon and engaging the Orks.


The geneseed of the Blaze Ravens is not a directly of any one preceding chapter. Instead it is derived from a blend of the geneseeds from the Ultramarines and the Imperial Fists.

It seems that the faults from the Imperial Fist's Betcher's Gland have been fixed, as the Blaze Ravens can spit highly potent acid and the Sus-an Membrane is now functional.


Several other mutations have appeared within the first decade of the chapter's founding. One of these mutations has resulted in a incredible resistence to bio-toxins, disease, and poison. Effectively they are impervious to tyranid bio-toxin and extremely resistent to the diseases unleashed by Nurgle. The other mutation is a strange youthful apperence. Despite the fact that they are hundreds of years old, all Blaze Ravens posess a strangely youthful, almost adolecent apperence.

It is no secret that the Blaze Ravens and their Chapter Master are capable of insane fury, especially when human lives have been threatened. But the strange thing is that it doesn't seem to affected their judgement and reasoning. A perfect example is with Dante. When an attrocity has been commited, he enters an almost berserker-like state of rage, but his mind seems to be clear and he is still able of plan advanced tactics in such a state. The only difference is that you die a more painful death.

Though it is only a rumour and not yet confirmed, it has been theorized that the Blaze Ravens, due to their limited exposure to Chaotic energy and an early age, have developed a natural resistence to Chaos. It is possible that this has contributed to why not one Blaze Raven has ever fallen to Chaos. Such a claim is under heavy investigation by the Inquisition.

Possible connection to the Lords of MidnightEdit

It has been theorized that both the Blaze Raven and Lords of Midnight originated from the juvenile resistence group called the Emperor's Shadow. The theory is that after the resistence fighters were recruited to be the Blaze Ravens, others among them were selected to follow a different path.

This theory has been backed by the fact that after a battle the Blaze Ravens and the Lords of Midnight have actually confronted each-other face to face (An unheard of event on the Lords of Midnight part), and in silence both give nods of approval to the other before the latter vanished. Note that this meeting is unknown to anyone outside the two chapters.

Notable IndividualsEdit

There are many notable individuals within the Blaze Ravens. These include...

Borther-Captain Kursk Raizak-

Kursk is the First-Captain of the Blaze Ravens and leads the elite Terminators. He is famous for being one of the largest andstrongest space marines in the Blaze Ravens. Just to prove it he wields dual power fists. Kursk began as one of the young survivors during the Chapter's pre-founding days as resistence fighters. Be-grudgengly he fled for the tunnels along with the many other survivors. When Dante spoke up saying they should organized and fight back, Kursk was the first one to side with him. The two quickly became close friends. Becoming Dante's right hand man, he fought and helped train the others survivors while Dante handled the logistics. Essentially he became the muscle while Dante was the brains. (Though Dante actively fought as well)

Chief-Apothecary Zephryos Omadius-

Affectionately refered to as simply "Zeff" or "Scissor Hands Zeff" he is the Chief-Apothecary of the Blaze Ravens. He is a stoic and expressionless apothecary of the chapter. Born to a pair of medicae, Zeff was one of the few members of the Emperor's Shadow that had any medical skill and helped to teach others. As the World Eaters over-ran the surface of his home-world, his parents had left to assist the injured, but they soon died defending a hospital. Meanwhile Zeff like many others, fled to underground tunnels to escape the war. Even before the resistence was formed, Zeff went about helping the injured and ill. He was drawn to Dantes speech and became one of the Emperors Shadow's founding members, teaching others survivors medical knowledge. Zeff is famous for his overly stoic persona, he barely speaks and more expresses himself through his actions and facial movements. But he is commpassionate to others, especially his patients and humans. At one point during his days in the resistence, he lost his arm to a World Eater axe while defending one of his patients. Dante personally led several teams behind enemy lines to retrieve a prosthetic arm for him. Zeff as not forgetten this act.

Venerable Dreadnought Nathanos-

An abandoned Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought discovered in a lost Imperial Fist base. Nathanos was present during the Siege of Terra and even witnessed Sanguinous's duel with the Blood Thirster. However he was severely injured during the siege and was entombed in a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought. Very soon after the battle, his company, the 15th Company was sent to liberate worlds from the traitors. They freed one Desert World of a small garrison of Iron Warriors. But during the battle he was damage, thought dead, abandoned, then forgotten. Many millenium later he was discovered by the Blaze Ravens and was updated on the rest of the Imperiums situation. Instead of returning to the Imperial Fists, he chose to remain with the Blaze Ravens.

Bother-Captains Zerroc and Correz-

They are the twin captains of the Blaze Ravens. They are reffered to as "The Twins" and as one person, not as different people. Both are very upbeat and mischievious to no end, much to the dismay of their battle-brothers. Before becoming space marines, both were street rats before fleeing into the underground tunnels to escape the war.

Master of the Forge Orevar-

He is the impatient and foul-mouthed Master of the Forge. Orevar began as a resistence fighter on Vilamere and was one of its founding members. Son of a mechanic, Orevar displayed near genius level skills when it came to machines. Even if it got him into trouble he enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, sometimes in different forms. When the war began, his father was drafted into the Guard and soon died. Refusing to go to some back-water orphanage, Orevar escape into underground tunnels, just before the war reached his home. Soon other young survivors fled underground and eventually united under another young surivor named Dante. Orevar was drawn to his speeches and desired vengence against the traitors. Showing off his skills, he became the unofficial chief mechanic of the resistence and then Techmarine of the Blaze Ravens.

Some noteworthy facts about him are how he suffers from extreme mood swings and has alarmingly sharp teeth.

Bother-Sergent Davius-

Davianus Remondor Elceelard lll is recognized hands-down as the best shot of the chapter and is a full time sniper. Unlike most of the chapter, who began as street rats and ordinary children, Davius was born to the planets aristocracy. Never happy with that life to begin with, he ran away looking for a life of excitement. Unfortunetly he got more than he bargined for as the war began only a few days later. Fleeing underground with the rest of the surivors he eventually found himself with the resistence. Quickly finding his place as a sniper, he began to enjoy his new (dangerous) life of freedom. His prefered weapon is a huge anti-material sniper used to take down huge beasts but in his case, Traitor Marines. He still operates this way as a space marine and helps train new recruits.

Anna Kerskervin-

Though she is not a space marine, she was a signifigant member of the Emperor's Shadow and its remainder. She was quite possibly the most volatile member of the resistence, giving her the name "Bloody Anna". The name was given because of the fact that she would violently attack anyone who set of her insanely short temper. That is not surprising considering that she was the school bully and leader of her own all-girls gang. They later joined the resistence in order to survive. Anna helped Kursk train other member in fighting. It is well known among the chapter that she "secretly" had a huge crush on Dante. After Dante and the others were recruited, Dante left her in charge of the others.


Tyranids- Tyranids are the bane of the Blaze Raven chapter. These are monsters that threaten not just the Imperium but all life in the galaxy and quite possibly other galaxies as well. Their destruction is the Blaze Raven's number one priority.

Orks- Orks are little more than a barbaric green wrecking ball. These beasts deserve nothing but destruction.

Chaos - Though they have only occasionally fought the forces of Chaos, they know all too well that Chaos is an abomination that must be destroyed. It turns brothers away from the Emporer's light and must be destroyed.

Necrons- Necrons are souless machines that should never rise from the ground. They are instant targets of the Blaze Ravens should they rise. Often the Blaze Ravens, with help from the eldar to locate potential or already known Tombworlds, especially ones on inhabited worlds. If they are dormant or unable to be reached, they help fortify the planets defenses should they ever rise.

Dark Eldar- Dark Eldar are sadistic abominations. The Blaze Raven uphold a zero-tolerence policy to their kind.

Tau- The Blaze Ravens have fought the Tau (most notably the Oresh'uan Sept) many times before in a unbroken string of victories, most notably the Zeist Campaign. This has earned them a frightening reputation among the Tau as unstoppable war machines. The Blaze Ravens hold very mixed feelings of the Tau Empire. They acknowledge that they are not monsters. But they are wary of their darker side, and have taken a more aggressive stance against them since their suprise attack on their homeworld.

Fury Incarnate- The Blaze Raven share a mild rivalry with the Fury Incarnate chapter. They are at odds from their differences in doctrine and beliefs.

Marines Malevolent- The Blaze Ravens and the Marines Malovelent regard each-other with outright violence. The Marines Malevolent believe the Blaze Ravens to be weak hearted. The Blaze Ravens see the Marines Malevolent as monsters in human skin. Once when the Marines Malevolent bombed a refugee shelter being attacked by Orks, Chapter Master Dante, in an unatural rage, beat their captain to the ground and carved "MURDERER" on his face. Since then, no Blaze Raven has ever spoken or even glanced at them.

Inquisition- Due to past cooperation with the Eldar, and other previous actions, the Inquisition are suspicious of the Blaze Ravens. But they realize the Blaze Ravens are one of the few effective weapons they have against the Tyranids and are indespensible. Besides they have found no actual evidence of heresy and have earned the respect of certain members. The Blaze Ravens despise the Inquisition as an organisation for their callous choices, but they respect a few member within.

Adepta Sororitas- The Blaze Ravens earned a special hatred from the Sisters of Battle due to their lack of faith in the Emperor's divinity and for their actions during the Cleansing of Aeros. The Blaze Ravens also detest their view on faith, calling it "whipping people into faith". The two sides have clashed in many occasions.

Dark Angels- The Dark Angels hold the Blaze Ravens in contempt for their casual attitude and lack of faith in the Emperor' divinity.

War Machines- Though the War Machines view the Blaze Ravens with distain for their cooperation with Eldar. The Blaze Ravens see them as unfortunate souls who drew the short end of the stick. They were not at all happy when they were wiped out.

Ecclesiarchy- Both detest each-other. The Blaze Ravens see such an organization as a corrupt mockery of the Emperor's Will. They in turn are seen as heretics.

Rak'Gol- The Blaze Ravens have fought these brutal creature many times, defending Imperial worlds against their raids.

Prophetic Forgiven- The Blaze Ravens detest the Prophetic Forgiven for their hypocrisy and the purge of their allies the Revenant Tigers.


The Blaze Ravens have made many allies over the millenium, some you would least expect...

Eldar- The relations with the Eldar are complex and begin far before the Blaze Raven's founding. In countless situations (most of them secret), the Blaze Ravens and Eldar of many craftworlds have joined forces against a common enemy.

Crimson Marauders- Due to their unique views of the Eldar, the Blaze Ravens secretly hold them in higher regards than other chapters and have once fought side-by-side with them against the tyrainds.

Lords of Midnight- Despite the opposing nature of the two, the Blaze Ravens and the Lords of Midnight share some sort of bond or common ancestry. This bond is secret, none outside the chapter know of it.

Ultramarines- Despite the Blaze Ravens complete disregard for the Codex, the Ultramarines approve of their skill against the Tyranids and are on friendly terms.

Imperial Fists- The Blaze Ravens and Imperial Fists maintain a good friendship, as it was the Fists who first discovered them and recruited them to be space marines. However the Blaze Ravens believe that they are wound far too tight and need to relax.

Crimson Fists- The Blaze Ravens and the Crimson Fists are on more or less friendly terms. The Blaze Ravens sent a full 200 marines to liberate Rynn's World from the Orks and for that the Fists are grateful. But the Crimson Fists have more than once raised an eye-brow to the Blaze Ravens cooperations with the Eldar.

Salamanders- The Blaze Ravens and the Salamanders are on very good terms as both believe in protecting the people.

Space Wolves- The sons of Russ and the Blaze Ravens are on very friendly terms, though they have only rarely shared the same battlefield. The friendship between the two chapter extents through similiar behavior. Both are much less formal than other chapters. More than once the two chapters have shared a feast. A running gag between them is how Dante resembles a Space Wolve, minus the beard.

Revenant Tigers- Towards the later days of that Chapter, the Blaze Ravens and the Revenant Tigers maintained a strong alliance. Both being humanitarian and have cooperated with the Eldar. The Blaze Ravens were more than angry that a brother chapter that held similiar beliefs was purged so callously.

Shadow Claws- The Blaze Ravens were strong allies with their parent chapter and secretly sympathize with the Shadow Claws cause.

Techno Legion- The Blaze Ravens often test experimental weapons created by the Techno Legion. Currently the Blaze Ravens are testing several experimental proto-type weapons including "Hyper-Toxin" weaponry against the Tyranids.

Archangels- Before the Archangels banishment they shared an alliance with the Blaze Ravens and shared many battlefields. The Blaze Ravens secretly sympathize with the Archangels. They have traded information and occasionally smuggled arms and armor to the Archangels. Their most notable contribution to the Archangel's cause is the technical know-how to produce gauntlet mounted storm-bolters.

Onyx Knights- The two chapters are on good terms for their belief in defending humans.

Star Lords - The Blaze Ravens and the renegade Star Lords are secretly on good terms. Though the Blaze Ravens do not worship the Emperor as a god, many of their beliefs match those of the Star Lords. When the Star Empire was founded they were over-joyed, an empire where different species co-existed that was actually prospering. At one point, the Star Lords offered a place in the Star Empire to the Blaze Ravens. However they respectfully declined, saying that the Star Empire is doing just fine and does not need them. It was in the besieged Imperium that humanity needed them most. The Blaze Ravens only asked that the Star Lords never forget the ideals they founded themselves on and do not become like the Imperium of Man.



"Weapons, vehicles, and equipment you can replace. 'But not people, they're here once and then their gone. And they're are so few of us left. There may be more humans than there are stars in the sky, but each person has a soul, a will to live, and a will to be happy. Each and every last person- no matter how many there are, is precious and we will fight till the bitter end for them."
—Resistence leader Dante explaining to the Farseer Talia why the Emperor's Shadow fights.

"Horatio? Is that what they call younow? By the Throne we've all come a long way havent we, old friend?"


Yes, you always were the silent type. Glad to see you haven't changed!" "

—-A conversation between Chapter Masters Dante of the Blaze Ravens and Horatio(?) of the Lords of Midnight.
—Chapter Master Dante to the Marines Malovelent 3rd Company

"You know what? The only creature I've ever met with a more callous disregard for life than you was a Dark Eldar Archon. But when he was going to kill you atleast he was honest about it! HE atleast had the courtesy to not scream righteousness as he butchered millions!"
—Chapter Master Dante shortly before executing a mericless Prioress

"War is full of rules. The key to winning is knowing how to break them."
—Chapter Master Dante

"Oh, their going to have to glue you back together...IN HELL!!!"
—A Devastator of the Blaze Ravens after killing a Lictor


"What a strange man.."
—Chapter Master Calgar of the Ultramarines about Dante
"I once fought along side them when they were still children. That was many years ago, and in that time they have not changed. Not in the slightest."
—A Howling Banshee about the Blaze Ravens



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